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[21 Apr 2011 | 2 Comments | 4,411 views]
The mortgage interest deduction — retain it, modify it or eliminate it?

In December, it appeared a proposal to radically alter the mortgage interest deduction had failed.
It seems the issue is back on the table as President Barack Obama on April 13 raised the possibility of at least altering the deduction. The U.S. Treasury Department estimates the deduction will cost the federal budget around $100 billion in 2012, so it’s no surprise that Obama is taking a look at the deduction as the aforementioned effort — a report generated by National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform — was a proposal setting …

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[21 Mar 2011 | One Comment | 1,216 views]
Week in Review (March 15-20)

After recovering from having daylight savings time cruelly sprung on us once again, we at First Arkansas News got busy with a big ole batch of stories.
Yes, we had everything from some politics to real estate to St. Patrick’s Day and the start of spring over the past week. Fun, fun.
Before recapping all of that, it’s time to invite our readers to keep up with what’s going on around here in a few very convenient ways. Feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed, like the heck out of us …

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[15 Mar 2011 | One Comment | 2,298 views]
A great season for UALR

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) Trojans have had a great basketball season this year.
That’s a story that has been somewhat overlooked here in the Natural State as the team’s excellent performance has been overshadowed by Arkansas Razorback Basketball Coach John Pelphrey’s troubles throughout the season. As anyone who has been awake and breathing in Arkansas knows, Pelphrey was handed his walking papers on Sunday and the team is searching for his replacement.
Meanwhile, Steve Shields — the head coach of UALR — has led his team to a …