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[12 Mar 2013 | No Comment | 5,015 views]
Miss Martin, where are you?

Where is Brenda Martin when you need her? Who is Brenda Martin you ask? She was my first grade teacher at Howard Perrin Elementary School in Benton, Arkansas. The reason I ask this is Miss Martin had a real knack for getting to the bottom of what was causing incivility between folks. It’s been 39 years since I first met her, but I can still recall her familiar inquiry “kids what seems to be the problem?” This question got your attention quickly because at times she could be as intimidating …

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[19 Jun 2011 | 14 Comments | 51,340 views]
National math conference coming to Little Rock

About 400 elementary teachers from across the nation will gather in Little Rock this week for the first time that Arkansas has hosted a conference about Cognitively Guided Instruction.
CGI is a professional development program that focuses on math for grades K-3 and has attracted widespread interest throughout Arkansas.
Cognitively Guided Instruction is an elementary-level mathematics professional development program based on an integrated program of research on four components:

the development of students’ mathematical thinking,
instruction that influences that development,
teachers’ knowledge and beliefs that influence their instructional practice, and
the way that teachers’ knowledge, beliefs …