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[23 Jun 2013 | 22 Comments | 5,504 views]
Enjoying the longest day of the year

The first day of summer; the longest day of the year; and it’s Saturday.  There’s enough going on to forgo the usual Saturday sleep-in and head out the door to enjoy everything the gorgeous day had to offer.

My first stop, bright and early in the morning, was the Searcy Certified Farmer’s Market.  The long, long winter had me craving truly fresh produce.  When I say “fresh produce,” I mean stuff grown for its taste, not it’s ability to stand up to long hauls relatively unmarred but short on taste.  The …

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[10 Jun 2013 | One Comment | 2,111 views]
Take a vacation with God

Editor’s note: Father James Melnick has sent along a video encouraging people to consider taking a vacation with God when planning some ways to relax this summer.
That’s a great notion and it based on Psalms 46:10. That verse, in itself, is fascinating as the exact wording of it changes a bit depending on which translation of the Bible you happen to be holding.
Melnick’s recitation of the verse agrees with the King James Version translation — “Be still and know that I am God.”
However, if you move to the Holman Christian …

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[13 Jun 2012 | 2 Comments | 5,056 views]
Summer savings on electric bills

Summer can mean an increase in family activities and trips. Unfortunately, it can also mean an increase in electric bills. The high cost of electricity use in the summer can greatly stress a family’s budget. Fortunately, there are some important actions that can keep costs down. Non-profit Credit Counseling of Arkansas (CCOA) has these tips:
* Scheduling a tune-up for your air-conditioning unit can keep things running smoothly and efficiently. If you haven’t used an appliance company before and don’t know which one to use, visit the Better Business Bureau online …

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[4 Aug 2011 | No Comment | 2,072 views]
Hot enough for you?

It’s hot in Saline County.
How hot? So hot that an Entergy power substation in Benton caught fire yesterday (Wednesday) around 4 p.m., leaving 10,000 residents on the south side of town without power. According to Entergy officials, record high temperatures put a drain on the system, evidently causing a failure and a fire. Power may not be restored until midnight tonight (Thursday) and that is thanks to a temporary, mobile substation.
How hot did it get in the area yesterday? That “111 degree” temperature shown in the photo was recorded around …