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[9 Jan 2011 | One Comment | 1,708 views]
Weekend OTR: Big Town — Fire Trap

The other day I made a promise to post an additional old time radio episode as part of the Weekend OTR series here at First Arkansas News if we got hit with a lot of snow in the Natural State.
The snow started in here in central Arkansas around 1 p.m. and has fallen heavily since. It would be a shame — an downright shame — if people were stuck in their homes with nothing to do. Ah, but we’ve come to the rescue with that additional OTR episode I promised …

Arts & Entertainment, Old time radio (OTR), Weekend OTR »

[12 Nov 2010 | 2 Comments | 1,204 views]
Weekend OTR: Big Town – The Angel of the Street

“Wilson? The racket busting newsie. So that’s who you are!”
I don’t know about you, but this was a heck of a long week.
Ah, but it’s the weekend (almost), so what better way is there to kick it off than with a glistening old time radio (OTR) program? For those of you who are unaware, First Arkansas News runs one of these glorious programs every week in our soon-to-be-famous Weekend OTR series.
We’ve got a great one ready for your listening pleasure this week — an episode of Big Town. That series …