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[8 Jun 2013 | 2 Comments | 2,829 views]
Innovation key to economic recovery?

It’s no secret that the economy may be recovering but people are wondering where the jobs are. According to the Arkansas Department of Workforce services, the unemployment rate here in the Natural State was 7.1 percent in April — an improvement over 7.3 percent in the same month a year ago.
Here’s something to keep in mind, however — the Department of Workforce Service reported there were 1.236 million Arkansans working in April, down from 1.263 million jobs reported a year ago. How did unemployment decline even though fewer people were …

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[31 Oct 2011 | 5 Comments | 8,832 views]
Steve Jobs bio heavy on truth, light on myth

When it comes to biographies of celebrities (and, let’s face it — Steve Jobs was a celebrity), those usually fall in one of two camps.
You’ve got the “authorized biographies” which are typically packed with fawning praise of their subjects. You’ve got the “unauthorized biographies” which are typically little more than character assassinations based on half-truths and interviews with people with axes to grind.
Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is more than a bit unique — an authorized biography that comes across as painstakingly true. At the first of the book, Isaacson …