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[3 Jun 2013 | One Comment | 4,358 views]
The Razorbacks will finish 7-5 this fall. Count on it.

Major League Baseball is well underway, the National Basketball League is winding down and summer is just around the corner. So, naturally, it’s time for all true Arkansans to think about Razorbacks football in the fall, right?
Of course it is! This is Arkansas and that means we’re always interested in talking about how the Hogs will turn out in the upcoming season. That’s how things work around First Arkansas News and you’re in luck — it’s barely June and we stand ready to predict within an acceptable margin of error …

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[23 Apr 2012 | 3 Comments | 2,990 views]
Smith named interim Arkansas coach

After a few weeks of high drama,  John L. Smith has been named interim head football coach at the University of Arkansas — thus replacing the departing Bobby Petrino.
Yes, the photo to the left identifies Smith as the new head coach for Weber State. We’ll get to that in a minute.
For those who aren’t familiar with Arkansas or have been living under a rock since the first of the month, here’s a recap of what led to this hire. Petrino — head coach of the Razorbacks since he replaced Houston …

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[10 Apr 2012 | One Comment | 2,800 views]
Holy crap! Petrino fired!

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but it’s worth mentioning because this is Arkansas and events surrounding the football team are widely followed. Oh, and this report can be considered an editorial, too, because I can’t help it — I’m a University of Arkansas alum and a lifelong Razorbacks fan, so I’m as interested in this horrible turn of events as anyone else in this state.
On Tuesday night, University of Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long fired Bobby Petrino, the man who succeeded Houston Nutt as head football coach in 2007. Petrino …

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[23 Jan 2012 | 2 Comments | 3,429 views]
Hogs on Ice?

Yep!  The U of A has a hockey team.  It’s a club sport, but these guys are good!  They’re so good, in fact, that when I went to their game against Tulane Friday night, I found out that the Tulane team decided it was better to forfeit the game than play these guys.  I later heard that Tulane was planning to show up for Saturday night’s game or else they could get kicked out of the league.  Instead of disappointing their fans who showed up to see a hockey game, …

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[11 Jan 2012 | One Comment | 2,757 views]
Knile Davis returning, Razorbacks finish 5th in nation

It was a significant day for Arkansas football — the program announced its star running back in 2010 will be back in the fold when the next season starts and the University learned the team finished out the season fifth in the final AP Top 25 poll.
Knile Davis, in 2010, lead all running backs in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), having rushed for 1,322 yards and 15 touchdowns, but was forced out of the 2011 season because of an injury sustained in spring practice. The University of Arkansas issued a statement …

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[15 Dec 2011 | No Comment | 2,102 views]
Holy smokes! Malzahn headed to ASU

Arkansas State University (ASU) fans have a great reason to celebrate — Auburn Offensive Coordinator Gus Malzahn has been introduced as the new head football coach of the Red Wolves.
If that announcement didn’t come as a bit of a shock, then you’re either not a Arkansan or haven’t paid attention to the drama that surrounded the University of Arkansas Razorbacks football program back when Houston Nutt was the head coach. Also, it’s more than a bit intriguing that Malzahn squelched rumors he was taking over as head coach at Vanderbilt …

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[4 Dec 2011 | One Comment | 3,124 views]
Arkansas to the Cotton Bowl? Freeze to Ole Miss?

Everyone in the state of Arkansas who hasn’t been living under a rock has already heard the news by now, but we thought we’d repeat it  — the Arkansas Razorbacks will face the Kansas State Wildcats in the Cotton Bowl on Jan. 6 at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.
Both are two-loss teams. Arkansas closed out the season ranked 6th in the nation and Kansas State is ranked 8th. It’s worth mentioning that Arkansas is not heading for a Bowl Championship Series (BCS) game as only two teams per conference can appear …

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[12 Aug 2011 | No Comment | 2,392 views]
It’s official — Knile Davis possibly out for season

Well, Razorbacks fans, here’s the news none of us wanted to hear — star Arkansas running back Knile Davis is probably out for the season.
Davis sustained an injury to his left ankle in practice on Friday, Arkansas Head Coach Bobby Petrino said in a Friday news release on HogWired.com.
“I am extremely disappointed for Knile,” Petrino said in the news release. “He is a captain who was incredibly focused on the upcoming year. His leadership throughout the offseason was significant in the development of this team. Our athletic trainers and medical …

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[12 Aug 2011 | No Comment | 2,447 views]
Knile Davis injured in practice

Both Arkansas and national media outlets are buzzing with news that Knile Davis — standout running back for the Arkansas Razorbacks — went down with an apparent leg injury on Thursday. The question, of course, is how severe the injury is and whether the junior star player will be out for the season. Yes, there’s speculation all over the place regarding the severity of the injury (the forums over at HogVille.net, for example, are simply brimming with concern, rumors and the like), but ESPN reports that there is no official …

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[7 Apr 2011 | 3 Comments | 4,753 views]
Anderson brings Missouri staff to Razorbacks

Just yesterday, new Razorbacks Head Basketball Coach Mike Anderson announced who will round out his staff next year.
While some have been quick to point out that Anderson imported his Missouri staff, here’s what’s striking about tho will be coaching the Hogs next year — a lot of those cats have substantial ties to Arkansas. In fact, it might be argued at least a couple of them have come back home to Arkansas and — what’s more — they’re coming from an era to which a lot of Razorbacks fans would …