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[20 May 2011 | One Comment | 3,752 views]
Arkansas Author: Carolyn Guinzio

Name: Carolyn Guinzio
Lives in: Fayetteville
Occupation: Poet
Books: Three full-length poetry collections:
West Pullman (Bordighera, 2005)
Quarry (Parlor Press, 2008)
& (Red Hen, coming in 2012)
What are your books about?
My first book, West Pullman, revolves around the neighborhood of the title, on the south side of Chicago. One sequence in the book is about the birds on Laysan, an island in the North Pacific. Themes of impermanence, disappearance and extinction are what link these two seemingly disparate ideas. Having lived most of my life in Chicago, it was gone to me as a home, …