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[30 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 1,600 views]
Week in Review: June 23-29

First off, a happy Fourth of July holiday to everyone. It’s seems fairly obvious from the drop in site traffic that people are spending time with family and friends rather than slogging around on the Internet. That’s a good thing, ultimately. Speaking of the Fourth of July, make sure to stop by on the holiday as we’ll observe the holiday by posting a special old time radio show or two.
If you missed a few articles over the past few days, you’re in the right place to catch up on everything …

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[27 Jun 2013 | One Comment | 5,673 views]
Barnes & Noble waving white flag in tablet war

It’s a sad day for fans of Nook tablets — Barnes & Noble has announced it will cease manufacturing color tablets because the company is losing a lot of money on them.
It’s no secret that Barnes & Noble has been getting its teeth kicked in by the Amazon Kindle Fire since the Nook Tablet was released in 2011. How badly has Barnes & Noble fared in the tablet market? The company posted a loss of $222 million for fiscal 2013 as its current lineup of tablets — the Nook HD …

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[5 May 2013 | 3 Comments | 5,153 views]
Google Play and slashed prices for Nook

The good folks over at Barnes & Noble are up to a lot these days so far as the Nook HD and HD+ are concerned. Yes, Google Play is now included on those Nooks and prices on the tablets have been slashed for Mother’s Day.
The 7″ HD and 9″ HD+ tablets are capable, to be sure, but there’s been a problem with them — users have been chained to the awful Barnes & Noble apps store. First Arkansas News, last month, posted an easy way for people to “root” their …

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[20 Apr 2013 | 4 Comments | 19,677 views]
Wish you had full Android on your Nook HD?

Editor’s Note: rooting the Nook HD and HD+ may no longer be necessary. Click here for details.
On Paper, the Nook HD+ from Barnes & Noble looks like a pretty good value. The tablet comes in two configurations — $269 will get you a tablet with 16 gigabytes of storage while $299 will net you a 32 GB tablet.
That’s pretty inexpensive when it comes to a large tablet, and the Nook HD+ is certainly one of those — it has a bright 9″ screen that is actually quite light, weighing in …

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[29 Dec 2011 | 3 Comments | 5,796 views]
Limericks A-Go-Go

Howard A. Nobles, a Benton resident, started writing limericks as a lark in 1999 to amuse his fellow educators and kept up that habit for about five years.
He’s turned those short poems into a book, Lost in Limerick Land, that was published this year. Pick up the paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon.com. The paperback or Nook edition is available through Barnes & Noble.
Nobles retired as the Benton Middle School assistant principal in 2004 and said his book is composed of limericks that were written on an almost daily basis …

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[27 Dec 2011 | 8 Comments | 5,013 views]
Hands on with the Nook Tablet

Back in November, the so-called “tablet wars” heated up when Amazon released it’s $200 Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble released its $250 Nook Tablet.
While the two were compared to the Apple iPad at length here and there, the two devices are really competing against each other and against other budget-priced Android tablets. The Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire, after all, boast similar hardware specs in that they both have dual core, 1 GHz CPUs and 7″ 1,024 x 600 displays that display 169 pixels per inch. Amazon.com and Barnes …

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[5 Oct 2011 | 10 Comments | 31,613 views]
Fun with a cheap Android tablet

My, but people across the nation have gone all wacky for tablets, haven’t they?
The Amazon Kindle Fire sold an estimated 250,000 units in the first few days after it was announced late last month and made available through pre-orders (the reader will hit the shelves in November). Meanwhile, a reported 2.5 million Apple iPad 2 units were sold in the first month of that product’s existence. It seems that new Android pads (and, yes, the Kindle does fall in that category) are being announced on an almost daily basis.
While there …

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[1 Mar 2011 | 4 Comments | 3,393 views]
Hooliganism in downtown Little Rock

See that lady in the photo?
That’s Erica Bonds, a Little Rock resident who was excited on Saturday because she bought a 2006 Saturn Vue that afternoon. She wasn’t too happy because that car was broken into Saturday night — part of what First Arkansas News has learned is becoming a disturbing trend in the area.
Bonds went to a performance of the Arkansas Symphony Performance at the Robinson Music Hall at 7 Statehouse Plaza in downtown Little Rock on Saturday night with her fiance, David Hudson. Yes, Hudson has written an …