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[12 Apr 2011 | One Comment | 2,688 views]
Pelphrey back at Florida

Former Arkansas Razorbacks Head Basketball Coach has been introduced as an assistant to Billy Donovan at the University of Florida.
That move should look familiar to anyone who followed the Houston Nutt saga back in 2007. The ever controversial Nutt left Arkansas to become the head football coach at Ole Miss. Indeed, an Arkansas coach leaving the university and winding up at another school in the SEC is nothing new.
Pelphrey, of course, was fired last month after four seasons at Arkansas and has been replaced by former Arkansas assistant and Missouri …

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[1 Jun 2010 | 4 Comments | 4,249 views]
Recording on a budget?

Just a few years ago, recording music at home was a bit costly.
Even a low-dollar operation typically required a four-track recorder, a decent amplifier (make that two for both guitar and bass tracks) and at least a few effects pedals to grab just the right “sound.” All of that gear ran into some money, of course, and some found the cost prohibitive.
These days, things have gotten considerably less expensive. In fact, the home recorder can get by with just a computer (most people have a decent one sitting around, anyway), …