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[23 Jun 2013 | One Comment | 4,314 views]
Week in Review (June 16-22)

Miss an article or two this week? That would be a shame, but don’t worry as there’s a convenient problem to that solution — in this handy article, you’ll find links to all the posts from the past week.
And there were, indeed, a lot of articles from the past week. Why, we covered everything from a handy tip for people who switch from their iPhones to something else and find they can’t receive texts to a few details about an accomplished guitar teacher in Benton. It was, as usual, a …

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[16 Jun 2013 | One Comment | 1,563 views]
Week in Review (June 9-15)

First off, happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Make your kids be nice to you for a change if you, indeed, have that much authority.
Second, we’ve had a busy week (as usual) here at First Arkansas News and would have for our tens of fans to miss out on anything. To that end, we’re doing our weekly thing of posting links to everything that’s been posted in the past week for your clicking pleasure. Yes, we wrote about everything from crepe myrtle thieves in Benton to the …

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[9 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 1,574 views]
Week in Review (June 2-8)

It was, as usual, a busy week here at First Arkansas News. We learned about the perils of moving a yard in Arkansas, innovation in the Natural State, discussed Wal-Mart and its “buy American/hire veterans” initiative the fact that bulletin board systems (BBS) are still alive although the Internet made dialing into local services obsolete, etc.
It would be a tragedy if our tens of fans missed a single thing that was posted in the past week. To avoid such unspeakable tragedy, then, we’ve made it easy to catch up on …

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[6 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 8,899 views]
36th annual Lum and Abner Festival scheduled in Mena this weekend

If you’re in western Arkansas (or live close to it) and are looking for something to do this weekend, bear in mind that the 36th annual Lum & Abner Festival is scheduled in Mena on Friday and Saturday.
Who were Lum and Abner? A couple of hillbilly-type characters created by Norris “Tuffy” Goff and Chester Lauck which became the most popular old time radio comedy team Arkansas ever produced. The team started out in the Mena area, made it big during the Golden Age of Radio, had an Arkansas community renamed …

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[2 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 1,697 views]
Week in Review (May 26-June 1)

It’s the start of a new week, so that means it’s time to take a look at what went on last week here at First Arkansas News through our Week in Review series. It would be an outright tragedy if our tens of fans missed a post or two, so we rehash revisit our most resent stories as a matter of convenience. And, oh yes, we covered a lot of ground last week — we did a little something to honor veterans on Memorial Day, paid a visit to the …

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[26 May 2013 | No Comment | 5,697 views]
Notice anything different at ‘First Arkansas News?’

As our tens of fans have no doubt noticed, First Arkansas News has gone through a few changes lately. The most noticeable development is that we’re actually updating the site again.
Yes, from July 24 last year through March 12 this year, there were no new posts at First Arkansas News. What happened? Site founder/owner/editor/etc. Ethan C. Nobles (that would be me) got sick around November 2011 and wound up shifting priories — as I do a lot of freelance writing, I concentrated on what actually paid well. Believe it or …

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[19 May 2013 | One Comment | 4,122 views]
Awesome Site of the Week: OTRCat.com

In our never ending quest to highlight some of the best sites on the Internet, First Arkansas News launched its Awesome Site of the Week series a couple of weeks ago. The goal here is simple — there are some pretty darn great sites out there that may have escaped your attention. We want to brag on the sites that are incredibly useful, informative or entertaining but might not get the attention they deserve.
So, stop in every week and see what awesomeness you might have missed. You can thank us …

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[15 May 2013 | 2 Comments | 2,145 views]
Big changes for ‘Lum and Abner’ comic strip

Starting on June 1, First Arkansas News will no longer be one of the owners of the Lum and Abner comic strip that we started in conjunction with artist Donnie Pitchford a couple of years ago.
Does that mean there’s been a falling out, a fight or anything unnecessarily negative? Absolutely not. In fact, First Arkansas News will keep running the strip and we’ll post it every Sunday just as we always have. This change has to do more with revenue than anything else — Pitchford does the lion’s share of …

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[26 Apr 2013 | One Comment | 2,269 views]
Weekend OTR: Judy Canova Show

It’s Friday night and you know what that means — it’s time for another installment of our Weekend OTR series. Excited? Of course you are!
What classic show from the Golden Age of Radio is available for your listening pleasure this weekend? An episode of the Judy Canova Show. It’s all hillbilly humor, but that’s just fine on occasion, isn’t it? So, turn up those speakers (or get those headphones ready) and prepare to laugh yourself silly.
Before you do that (or immediately thereafter), why not take a minute or two and …

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[26 May 2012 | 5 Comments | 2,938 views]
More details on ‘Lum and Abner’ sponsorships

As anyone who follows our Lum and Abner comic strip should know by now, we’re gearing up for a second year of the series.
Ah, but there’s a problem — we’ve got to pay for the rights to use those characters and that takes some cash. To that end, we’re looking for some sponsors to keep the strip going for another year.
We’ve had a few sponsorships come through and that’s great. However, we’re in need of some more. Now, here’s the deal — all sponsors will get something quite valuable in …