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[6 Aug 2011 | No Comment | 2,000 views]
Weekend OTR — Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday was on Friday so it seems only appropriate to dedicate this edition of our Weekend OTR series to America’s favorite dizzy redhead.
Before Ball became a household name through the classic I Love Lucy television show, ball made a living in movies and through plenty of old time radio appearances. Any OTR fan who hasn’t listened to Ball’s excellent My Favorite Husband series should do that soon. It was, indeed, easy for Ball to make the jump from that show to I Love Lucy and one could …

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[9 Jan 2011 | No Comment | 1,447 views]
Week in review (1/3-1/8)

Hopefully the new year has been good to everyone so far.
Here at First Arkansas News we had some big stories last week. If you’ve missed some of it here’s your chance to catch up on the news and features we reported this week.
Remember, one of the fastest ways to keep up with the latest stories at this site is to simply subscribe to our email updates. Of course, we also offer visitors the convenience of subscribing to RSS feeds, following us on Twitter or keeping up with the site through …

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[7 Jan 2011 | No Comment | 2,633 views]
Weekend OTR: My Favorite Husband — Young Matron League Tryout

Before Lucille Ball struck it rich driving Desi Arnez crazy on that great early television situation comedy — I love Lucy — she starred in a very good old time radio show called My Favorite Husband.
Not only was it a very entertaining show, My Favorite Husband — for all intents and purposes — laid the groundwork for I Love Lucy. You’ll find a lot of the same wacky humor, dizzy behavior and everything else that propelled I Love Lucy to its status as a genuine phenomenon and integral part of …