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[26 Mar 2011 | 14 Comments | 21,323 views]
The FHA mortgage insurance increase and what it means

It seems a new Federal Housing Administration (FHA) increase has caused some confusion among individual homeowners – the mortgage insurance increase that will be in place on April 18.
The FHA, in November, announced it was boosting its annual mortgage insurance premium by a quarter of a percent in April, which represents the third increase in 12 months. Specifically, the annual premium will be 1.1 percent to 1.15 percent for 30 year loans and 0.25 to 0.50 percent for 15 year loans. The up-front, one-time insurance premium of 1 percent will …

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[25 Jul 2010 | One Comment | 1,018 views]
When is it really a great time to buy a house?

“It’s a great time to buy a home.”
Have you heard that phrase recently? The chances are good that you have as the National Association of Realtors and other groups have uttered that mantra in response to slowing markets over the past couple of years. That’s no surprise – when’s the last time a real estate agent said it was a bad time to buy a house?
But, is now really a great time to purchase a home?
It certainly is, provided you want to grab a bargain that will likely appreciate in …