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[2 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 4,061 views]
Bad news, OTR fans

Well, it seems there are some hazards that come with dealing with certain old time radio shows — there are times when you get a batch of MP3 files that don’t work for anything.
Sadly, two of our series from the OTR Serials section had to be removed — Little Orphan Annie and Lum and Abner. Why? The MP3s I have don’t work for a lot of MP3 players.
Now, I can live without Little Orphan Annie, but removing Lum and Abner is a real shame. The odd thing about the Lum …

Arts & Entertainment, Old time radio (OTR) »

[10 Feb 2011 | 2 Comments | 2,206 views]
Something new — OTR serials

Well, we’re not doing something new exactly — old time radio (OTR) serials have been around for some time.
They are, however, new to First Arkansas News. Yes, we’ve posted OTR programs at least once a week for some time now, but those have been of the “one shot” variety. Generally, the plot plays out in 15 or 30 minutes and everything is wrapped up nice and tidy by the time the program has ended.
Serials, however, are different — a story arc lasts for at least two episodes and usually longer. …