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[23 Apr 2012 | 3 Comments | 3,001 views]
Smith named interim Arkansas coach

After a few weeks of high drama,  John L. Smith has been named interim head football coach at the University of Arkansas — thus replacing the departing Bobby Petrino.
Yes, the photo to the left identifies Smith as the new head coach for Weber State. We’ll get to that in a minute.
For those who aren’t familiar with Arkansas or have been living under a rock since the first of the month, here’s a recap of what led to this hire. Petrino — head coach of the Razorbacks since he replaced Houston …

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[10 Apr 2012 | One Comment | 2,806 views]
Holy crap! Petrino fired!

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but it’s worth mentioning because this is Arkansas and events surrounding the football team are widely followed. Oh, and this report can be considered an editorial, too, because I can’t help it — I’m a University of Arkansas alum and a lifelong Razorbacks fan, so I’m as interested in this horrible turn of events as anyone else in this state.
On Tuesday night, University of Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long fired Bobby Petrino, the man who succeeded Houston Nutt as head football coach in 2007. Petrino …

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[23 Jun 2010 | 17 Comments | 7,294 views]
Arkansas to the Big 12?

There’s been a lot of talk floating around lately about Arkansas leaving the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and heading to the Big 12.
While some Razorbacks fans might be quick to pooh-pooh such a notion, such a move actually makes a certain kind of sense.
Before getting into why Arkansas might possibly be a good it in the Big 12, let’s run through a quick review of why this topic has come to light. On June 10, the University of Colorado accepted an invitation to join the Pac 10 effective in 2012. A …