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[19 May 2013 | One Comment | 4,117 views]
Awesome Site of the Week: OTRCat.com

In our never ending quest to highlight some of the best sites on the Internet, First Arkansas News launched its Awesome Site of the Week series a couple of weeks ago. The goal here is simple — there are some pretty darn great sites out there that may have escaped your attention. We want to brag on the sites that are incredibly useful, informative or entertaining but might not get the attention they deserve.
So, stop in every week and see what awesomeness you might have missed. You can thank us …

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[12 May 2013 | No Comment | 2,885 views]
Holiday OTR: Gunsmoke – ‘Pretty Mama’

Yes, that’s right — we’re adding a bonus episode to our Weekend OTR series in honor of dear old mom. It’s Mother’s Day, so why not celebrate with a classic episode from the Golden Age of Radio?
For this episode, we’re heading to the old West for an episode of Gunsmoke. It’s the gripping tale of a young child and mother being left alone by a rascal who shot the man of the house. So, if you’re a mother go ahead and shoo everyone away so you can enjoy a relaxing …

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[13 Apr 2013 | No Comment | 1,823 views]
Weekend OTR: Gunsmoke — Chester’s Mistake

Yes, First Arkansas News has been somewhat dormant lately. We’re getting a bit more active over here and that means it’s time to bring one of our truly great features out of mothballs — Weekend OTR.
Yes, just kick back and enjoy one of those outstanding programs from yesteryear. We’ve got an episode of Gunsmoke cued up and ready to go, and what fan of the Golden Age of Radio doesn’t love that program?
Before you do that (or immediately thereafter), why not take a minute or two and visit the good …

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[17 Sep 2011 | One Comment | 2,162 views]
Weekend OTR: Gunsmoke — Child Labor

Welcome to another weekend and another installment in our Weekend OTR series here at First Arkansas News.
Indeed, it’s time to go to back to the Old West and hear the exploits of Marshal Matt Dillon as he rights wrongs in the American frontier. Gunsmoke was one of the more successful old time radio programs and even made the jump from radio to television with ease. If there’s a more relaxing way to kick off your Saturday than to relax to some quality entertainment from the golden age of radio, I’m …

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[14 May 2011 | 2 Comments | 3,766 views]
Weekend OTR: Gunsmoke — Chester’s Mistake

Yeah, I know — I posted a weekend OTR episode yesterday.
Here’s another one because, well, why not? Westerns are fun and our friends over at OTRCat.com have their westerns on sale right now. We’ll celebrate the big sale right along with them with an episode of Gunsmoke, which was one of the more popular shows of the era. It became arguably more popular when it made the jump to television and ran for years. Gunsmoke had it all — a no-nonsense marshal, nasty villains and an old-time frontier kook or …

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[30 Dec 2010 | 2 Comments | 1,691 views]
Holiday OTR: Gunsmoke — Puckett’s New Year

Here we go — New Year’s Eve.
A fairly pointless holiday, honestly, as we commemorate flopping the calendar from one year to the next. Yay.
Ah, but any holiday is a good excuse to listen to some classic old time radio, right? And, of course, Gunsmoke was one of the finest OTR programs in the history of the genre, so why not celebrate New Year’s with an episode of that?
And, yes, this is a great episode, too. It’s all about a fellow who wants a fresh start so he robs a bank. …

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[22 Nov 2010 | One Comment | 2,513 views]
Thanksgiving OTR: Gunsmoke — Turkey Shoot

Ah, what could be more fun than a Thanksgiving-themed episode in bullet-riddled Dodge City?
Not much, pilgrim. Not much at all. As you’ve no doubt guessed, we’re continuing on with our Thanksgiving OTR series here at First Arkansas News with an episode of Gunsmoke starring William Conrad as Marshal Matt Dillon. So far this Thanksgiving OTR series we’ve featured comedies and hardboiled detectives, so it’s about time for a solid, two-fisted western, isn’t it?
Of course, we’ll be running Thanksgiving-themed old time radio programs right up through Thursday. Miss an episode? Don’t …

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[22 May 2010 | 2 Comments | 1,970 views]
Weekend OTR — Gunsmoke: Buffalo Man

The weekend is here and that can only mean one thing — another fine old time radio program courtesy of our friends over at OTRCat.com.
What fine program will you be treated with this week? Why, a dandy Gunsmoke episode — “Buffalo Man” from way on back in 1956. It’s a typically great episode of the long-running old time radio program, but you will have to suspend disbelief for a moment to enjoy it. William Conrad on a horse? Now, that’s comedy.
Not only was Gunsmoke one of the finest westerns on …