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[9 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 1,574 views]
Week in Review (June 2-8)

It was, as usual, a busy week here at First Arkansas News. We learned about the perils of moving a yard in Arkansas, innovation in the Natural State, discussed Wal-Mart and its “buy American/hire veterans” initiative the fact that bulletin board systems (BBS) are still alive although the Internet made dialing into local services obsolete, etc.
It would be a tragedy if our tens of fans missed a single thing that was posted in the past week. To avoid such unspeakable tragedy, then, we’ve made it easy to catch up on …

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[7 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 2,692 views]
Weekend OTR: The Green Lama

What? The weekend is here already? Yep, and that means it’s time for another dandy installment of our Weekend OTR series.
We’ve got a great one for you this weekend, cats and kittens — an episode from the vaults of the Green Lama. Who was the Green Lama? A Buddhist superhero (yes, you read that right) who came to limited fame fighting all sorts of bad guys in comic books and on a radio program. And, yes, the Green Lama fought all kinds of baddies. Nazis? Yep. Imperial Japanese? Check. Yes, …