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[1 May 2011 | 4 Comments | 13,686 views]
Flooding in central Arkansas

It’s been a turbulent spring thus far in Arkansas and this weekend was no exception.
Here in central Arkansas, flood conditions rolled in with the rains that started Saturday night and continued through Sunday. According to the National Weather Service, four to eight inches of rain fell during the weekend and more heavy rain is in the forecast through Tuesday.
Here in Benton, the Saline River serves as a handy guide as to how much rain has fallen. If the river is out of its banks, it’s a sure bet that heavy …

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[26 Apr 2011 | 3 Comments | 6,519 views]
Flood photos from northwest Arkansas

We at First Arkansas News posted some flood photos from northwest Arkansas yesterday, but a reader sent some more in so we’re showing those, too.
Before getting into all of that, bear in mind that the National Weather Service is calling for more flooding and tornadoes through Wednesday. It’s been a rough week already in that we’ve had a lot of rain, plenty of golf-ball sized hail, high winds and even some reports of tornadoes in the state. Gov. Mike Beebe declared a state of emergency for Arkansas last night and …

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[25 Apr 2011 | One Comment | 3,680 views]
Reporter’s Notebook: Insert Ark-building joke here

This will come to no surprise to most First Arkansas News readers: it’s been storming a lot in the Natural State the last week. There’s been numerous tornado warnings throughout the state, but that’s not been the primary concern, it seems. Up in these parts of Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley at least, we’ve had at least three days straight of high winds, hail and rain. Lots of rain. Too much rain. (To track just how much, check out the NOAA website) To give a few ideas of how …