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[29 May 2013 | 5 Comments | 10,414 views]
Your credit history and tightening lending standards

Just a few short years ago, getting a loan for everything from homes to cars was a comparatively easy process. That’s changed a bit and especially when it comes to mortgages, hasn’t it?
So, what happened? The subprime lending market died a sudden death in 2007 due to high default rates leading to foreclosures and financial chaos. Banks responded by tightening lending standards on most consumer loans.
The impact of those new measures — some taken by the industry and some put in place by government regulations — is that a high …

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[2 Nov 2010 | One Comment | 1,599 views]
The cure for those credit score blues?

Stan Morris, founder of Credit Care in Piggott, has spent the past few years developing a system through which people can improve their credit scores.
He’s only been touting his method for a couple of months and his work in that area may well be timely. Why? Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel reported that Arkansans have the lowest credit scores in the nation.
McDaniel, citing a survey, stated in a news release that the average credit score of American consumers is 666 (keep those “number of the beast” jokes to yourselves) while …

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[3 Oct 2010 | One Comment | 1,595 views]
Honest-to-goodness free credit reports

A person with bad credit could face higher interest rates on loans, larger down payments on mortgages and the chance of not being able to borrow money for cars, homes and other items.
Fortunately, consumers can look at their credit reports for free and can dispute any inaccuracies they find on them. While there are plenty of flashy television commercials and Internet ads from companies offering everything from credit repair and monitoring to no-cost or low-cost copies of your reports, few of them mention that the federal government has put up …