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[3 Dec 2010 | No Comment | 3,468 views]
Christmas dessert recipe — gumdrop cookies

Today I am going with another one of Grandma’s Christmas recipes, and my husband’s favorite this time of year.
Gum Drop Cookies. Goody, goody.
I have seen a lot of recipes for this cookie and have tried them, but none compare to Grandma’s. These are easy to make and great fun when you’ve got a kid or two involved in the cooking process. They’re colorful, as festive as you could ask for, indulgent and absolutely fantastic with a dollop of vanilla frosting spread on top of them. Spice gumdrops or the more …

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[2 Dec 2010 | One Comment | 1,726 views]
Christmas recipe — Grandma’s fruit cookies…

Continuing on with the Christmas recipes, we’ve got fruit cookies.
Not fruitcake, mind you — fruit cookies. That’s a completely different breed of cat. Your relatives won’t be regifting these for the next decade. That’s a promise.
Don’t believe me? Give this recipe a try and you’ll love it.
These cookies are my favorite, and there is nothing funnier than watching my oldest sister Jo cut the fruit into smaller pieces (a process which can literally provide hours of entertainment). Fire up that oven and enjoy!
Grandma’s fruit cookies
7 cups pecans
6 slices candied pineapple
2 …

Christmas recipes, Features and such, Recipes »

[1 Dec 2010 | One Comment | 1,863 views]
Snickerdoodles for Christmas

Editor’s note: A couple of weeks ago, Marci Kay Nobles started posting Thanksgiving recipes. Judging from the amount of hits those recipes received, the readers loved them (they ate them up, you might say). So, Marci Kay is back with more tasty recipes (lucky us!) in hopes of helping First Arkansas News readers add a little cheer to their Christmas seasons. She’ll be posting one Christmas recipe a day between now and Dec. 25, so get those ovens ready and enjoy!
I thought since the Thanksgiving recipes went over so …