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[1 May 2013 | No Comment | 2,189 views]
iPadAlternative.com out of business

Back in December 2011, First Arkansas News posted an article about a brash company called iPadAlternative.com.
Why? Well, the company’s spunk was something to behold. After all, if you’re going to pick a name for your company that both calls out the largest tablet maker in the world and will attract attention from people who want something other than an iPad, you’d better be able to back up a claim or two.
The idea behind iPadAlternative was simple — the company sold Android-powered tablets that it claimed were on par with Apple’s …

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[27 Jul 2011 | 4 Comments | 4,170 views]
Buying American?

Fire up that Google search engine and key in the phrase “buy American” when you get a chance.
You’ll be greeted with page after page containing listings of sites that express alarm over the loss of American manufacturing jobs, steer viewers to companies that make products in the U.S., suggest ways to correct trade deficits, etc. One of the sites that will rank highly if you run that search bears a very direct and self-explanatory title — How Americans Can Buy American. The owner of that site, Roger Simmermaker of Orlando, …