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[3 Jul 2013 | One Comment | 3,466 views]
Fortnight for Freedom to end Thursday

Editors note: This column wraps up a two-part series about the Fortnight for Freedom, an event running from June 21 to July 4 in which Catholics have gathered to pray for the preservation of religious freedom. You can find the first column in the series here and find out more about the Fortnight for Freedom at Fortnight4Freedom.org. Bear in mind that the Supreme Court effectively struck down both the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8 after the Fortnight for Freedom took place and you can read …

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[30 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 1,606 views]
Week in Review: June 23-29

First off, a happy Fourth of July holiday to everyone. It’s seems fairly obvious from the drop in site traffic that people are spending time with family and friends rather than slogging around on the Internet. That’s a good thing, ultimately. Speaking of the Fourth of July, make sure to stop by on the holiday as we’ll observe the holiday by posting a special old time radio show or two.
If you missed a few articles over the past few days, you’re in the right place to catch up on everything …

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[27 Jun 2013 | One Comment | 3,748 views]
Catholics praying for religious freedom

Editor’s Note: Both this column from Father James Melnick and the one after it will touch on the Fortnight for Freedom. To that end, we at First Arkansas News believe a brief explanation of what that event is will benefit our readers. You can read about the event at length by visiting Fornight4Freedom.org, but we’re happy to provide a summary. In a nutshell, the Fortnight 4 Freedom is a two-week period of prayer focusing on the preservation of religious freedoms in the United States. It started on June 21 and …

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[10 Jun 2013 | One Comment | 2,111 views]
Take a vacation with God

Editor’s note: Father James Melnick has sent along a video encouraging people to consider taking a vacation with God when planning some ways to relax this summer.
That’s a great notion and it based on Psalms 46:10. That verse, in itself, is fascinating as the exact wording of it changes a bit depending on which translation of the Bible you happen to be holding.
Melnick’s recitation of the verse agrees with the King James Version translation — “Be still and know that I am God.”
However, if you move to the Holman Christian …