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[17 Apr 2011 | No Comment | 1,146 views]
Week in Review — April 11-17

It was a busy week, for sure and certain, and we had an anniversary, too.
Yes, First Arkansas News turned one-year-old on April 16. What’s next for us? There are a lot of things in the work and we’ll announce them as they pan out. Stay tuned, and thanks to everyone who has made this site a regular stop.
Of course, we know full well that some folks don’t make it by here as much as they want. Life gets busy, after all, and that’s just how it goes. So, we’ve made …

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[11 Apr 2011 | 2 Comments | 2,746 views]
Joan Jett, Rick Springfield and old time radio

Anyone who wonders why we’d mention Joan Jett, Rick Springfield and old time radio in the same article here at First Arkansas News must be new here.
We like entertainment so why not cover a bit of diversity here and there? At any rate, Jett and Springfield get a mention because they’ll be in concert this summer at Magic Springs this summer. Those two were all over the charts in the 1980s and still have legions of fans, many of whom undoubtedly reside here in central Arkansas.
Thank goodness those two will …

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[27 Mar 2011 | One Comment | 1,590 views]
OTR serials section updated

Because we know people love the heck out of it, we at First Arkansas News have updated our OTR Serials section.
That was started just a few weeks ago to compliment our regular Weekend OTR series. The Weekend series is ideal for those “one shot” episodes, but a lot of popular old time radio programs had story lines that spanned several episodes. The OTR Serials section, then, was put together so that we can present those programs in a format that’s convenient for our readers.
We’ll update that section regularly, so check …

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[21 Mar 2011 | One Comment | 1,217 views]
Week in Review (March 15-20)

After recovering from having daylight savings time cruelly sprung on us once again, we at First Arkansas News got busy with a big ole batch of stories.
Yes, we had everything from some politics to real estate to St. Patrick’s Day and the start of spring over the past week. Fun, fun.
Before recapping all of that, it’s time to invite our readers to keep up with what’s going on around here in a few very convenient ways. Feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed, like the heck out of us …

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[19 Mar 2011 | One Comment | 1,774 views]
Weekend OTR: Father Knows Best — Income Tax Mixup

It’s getting close to April 15 — the hated tax day.
The tax code simply gets more complex with each passing year and naturally irritates those with complicated tax issues all the more. So, why not fight off those tax blues with some lighthearted old time radio?
Yes, we’ve got a sparkling episode of Father Knows Best on tap to relieve some of that stress that comes with filling out annoying tax forms and trying to figure out ways to keep as much cash as possible in your bank account and away …