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[2 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 1,696 views]
Week in Review (May 26-June 1)

It’s the start of a new week, so that means it’s time to take a look at what went on last week here at First Arkansas News through our Week in Review series. It would be an outright tragedy if our tens of fans missed a post or two, so we rehash revisit our most resent stories as a matter of convenience. And, oh yes, we covered a lot of ground last week — we did a little something to honor veterans on Memorial Day, paid a visit to the …

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[1 Jun 2013 | One Comment | 8,128 views]
Whole Hog Cafe — great barbecue, ho-hum sides

Whole Hog Cafe, located at 5309 Hwy. 5 North in Bryant, features great barbecue, fair-to-middling side items and a few items you might not expect.
Let’s start with the basics. Whole How features a fairly typical array of hickory smoked meats — chicken, pulled pork, pork loin, beef brisket, sausage and dry-rub ribs — that are far better than average. Some barbecue restaurants serve dried out meats that are almost crispy or jerky like in texture, but Whole Hog has barbecue down to a fine art. The meat is juicy, has …

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[11 May 2013 | One Comment | 7,406 views]
Best burger in Saline County and maybe central Arkansas

Over the past few years, it seems that the quality of burgers in the area has improved significantly. It’s no longer enough to grab a hunk of mid-grade beef, form it into the shape of a patty and fry the thing until it’s almost crispy.
Want proof? First Arkansas News has already written about the glorious C-J’s Butcher Boy Burgers in Russellville and the “diner food made with care” attitude that drives the owners of Burger Shack in downtown Benton. While C-J’s Butcher Boy is outstanding, there’s a burger joint that’s …

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[31 May 2012 | 2 Comments | 7,643 views]
‘Freedom of Speech’ rally kicks of tomorrow at Denton’s in Benton

If you’re looking to kick off your weekend with some good times while making a statement about the value of free speech, head on down to Denton’s Back Porch in Benton on Friday.
What’s going on at Denton’s? MySaline.com is hosting a Freedom of Speech rally in hopes of raising some cash to help pay the legal expenses associated with being dragged through the courts system. Yes, three Bryant aldermen — Adrian Henley, Brenda Miller and Danny Steele — filed a defamation suit in February against a bunch of unknown defendants …

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[23 Feb 2012 | One Comment | 6,042 views]
Bryant aldermen sue ‘unknown persons’ for defamation, cyberbullying

Bryant aldermen Adrian Henley, Brenda Miller and Danny Steele filed suit in Saline County Circuit Court yesterday alleging that “unknown persons” had posted defamatory comments against them on MySaline.com.
The complaint against the unknown persons alleges that the comments posted on the online forum are false, defamatory and rise to the level of cyberbullying as they are threatening, abusive, alarming, etc. The lawsuit identifies the defendants only by their MySaline.com user names and alleges that thousands of people have read the abusive, defamatory and libelous comments over the past year. An …

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[30 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 1,872 views]
Saline County population up 28.24 percent

According to the 2010 Census, the population of Saline County last year was 107,118 — up 28.24 percent from 83,529 people in 2000.
The population of Arkansas, by comparison, went up 9.1 percent from 2000 to 2.92 million. The population of the United States increased 9.7 percent to 308.75 million.
Saline County was one of the fastest growing counties in the state, on par with Benton, Faulkner, Lonoke and Washington counties. The population in the county seat, Benton, was 30,681 last year — up 39.22 percent from 22,038 in 2000. As for …

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[29 Mar 2011 | One Comment | 3,283 views]
Mattingly puts together economic advisory panel

David Mattingly took office as mayor of Benton on Jan. 1 and he’s been a busy man since them.
To his credit, Mattingly has been seeking a lot of input from citizens. A couple of weeks ago, the first meeting of an economic advisory panel (of sorts) took place and included business leaders from around the city. Oddly enough, yours truly — good ole Ethan C. Nobles — was among those invited to take part in a discussion of what needs to be done to bolster economic development in our fair …

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[26 Feb 2011 | No Comment | 1,488 views]
Something new — Saline County open houses

Anyone who visits First Arkansas News regularly knows that we cover the heck out of real estate around here.
It only makes sense, then, to put up a page dedicated to area open houses.
And, folks, that’s exactly what we’ve done. Click here to have a look at open houses in Benton, Bryant and other parts of Saline County. You can also access that page by simply clicking the “Area Open Houses” link on the above menu bar. We’ll update that page every Friday (or thereabouts) and the listings are courtesy of …

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[22 Oct 2010 | One Comment | 1,304 views]
Benton/Bryant Realtors Association launches blog

About a month ago, the Benton/Bryant Realtors Association launched its snazzy, new blog.
That was designed by yours truly as part of my job as association executive for the organization. Our goal with the blog is two provide real estate-related information to consumers (such as housing market reports and news) and details about open houses in Saline and Grant counties.
Also, it has been designed as a way to communicate with area Realtors in that a calendar of events is on the site, big announcements from the Association will be posted there …

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[11 Aug 2010 | 2 Comments | 3,238 views]
‘Benton Courier’ now ‘Saline Courier’

The Benton Courier released some big news the other day — the paper has changed its name to The Saline Courier.
Such news might not matter one whit to people who aren’t from around here, but it’s a major change for those of us who have been in the area for awhile. The paper has been around since 1876 and has spent most of that time tied to Benton, the county seat and largest city in the county.
Still, the change makes a lot of sense. After all, there are now over …