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[11 Oct 2011 | One Comment | 4,307 views]
Nix camp declares victory in school board election

It’s not official yet, but Heath Nix’s camp is on Facebook declaring victory over incumbent Paul Childress in tonight’s Benton School Board runoff election.
Of course, we at First Arkansas News will confirm those results as soon as we’re able — the polls closed at 7:30 p.m. and the report from the Saline County Clerk’s office that will confirm who won the election is not available at this time. Still, Nix’s supporters are whooping it and claiming a 939-925 victory over Childress. Should those totals hold, it’s not hard to imagine …

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[12 Oct 2010 | 3 Comments | 5,661 views]
School Board punts plans for new Panthers playfield

The Benton School Board set the table for yet another round of fights over a new football stadium for the Panthers.
The Saline Courier reported that the Benton School Board voted 4-3 to reverse an August decision to spend $11 million to replace C.W. Lewis Stadium, a downtown facility that was built in 1934.
The fate of C.W. Lewis has been a source of controversy these past few months in that some point out the aging facility should be replaced by a new field closer to the high school while others have …

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[22 Sep 2010 | One Comment | 4,205 views]
New life for C.W. Lewis Stadium?

About a month ago, the Benton School Board voted 4-3 to essentially abandon C.W. Lewis Stadium in favor of a snazzy, $10.8 million facility in the Benton Athletic Complex.
Naturally, a lot of residents of this fair city were irate — the Benton Panthers have played football at C.W. Lewis since 1934 and the efforts to toss out the downtown facility like an aluminum can alongside I-30 were not viewed favorably in some circles.
Two of the four School Board members who voted for the new stadium — Steve Deere and Judd …

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[24 Aug 2010 | 14 Comments | 16,564 views]
Benton Panthers leaving C.W. Lewis Stadium; controversy abounds

The vote is in — the Benton Panthers will leave the stadium they’ve called home since 1934.
Yes, this is the last season the Panthers will play in C.W. Lewis Stadium. The Benton School Board, last week, voted 4-3 to build a $10.8 million stadium in the Benton Athletic Complex — a facility that will certainly be dandy and is located closer to the high school.
For the record, I’m not a bit happy about this decision. While I well understand the need for a new stadium, I can’t help but feel …