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[22 Jul 2011 | One Comment | 1,884 views]
Gearing up for a major home stand — the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Believe it or not, the Pittsburgh Pirates are tied with the Milwaukee Brewers for first place in the National League Central.
What’s that news? Simply put, Pittsburgh has been terrible for a very, very long time. How bad? The team earned the distinction of having the worst record in American professional sports by compiling 17 straight losing seasons in 2009. They pushed that record to 18 losing seasons in 2010 and, during that year, managed to suffer the most humiliating loss in the team’s history with a 20-0 thrashing at the …

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[7 Feb 2011 | One Comment | 3,036 views]
A look at baseball both then and now

It’s been said more than a few times — to truly appreciate the game of baseball, one must have an understanding of the history of the game.
Apparently, the same is true when it comes to writing about baseball.
Howard Nobles, a Benton resident, used his understanding of the game when writing his book, Poems from a Baseball Fan. That 89 page volume — originally published in 2004 — is the first book from Nobles.
What is Poems from a Baseball Fan? The title pretty well sums it up, but it’s a reflection …

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[23 Jun 2010 | 17 Comments | 7,294 views]
Arkansas to the Big 12?

There’s been a lot of talk floating around lately about Arkansas leaving the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and heading to the Big 12.
While some Razorbacks fans might be quick to pooh-pooh such a notion, such a move actually makes a certain kind of sense.
Before getting into why Arkansas might possibly be a good it in the Big 12, let’s run through a quick review of why this topic has come to light. On June 10, the University of Colorado accepted an invitation to join the Pac 10 effective in 2012. A …