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[20 Apr 2013 | 4 Comments | 19,712 views]
Wish you had full Android on your Nook HD?

Editor’s Note: rooting the Nook HD and HD+ may no longer be necessary. Click here for details.
On Paper, the Nook HD+ from Barnes & Noble looks like a pretty good value. The tablet comes in two configurations — $269 will get you a tablet with 16 gigabytes of storage while $299 will net you a 32 GB tablet.
That’s pretty inexpensive when it comes to a large tablet, and the Nook HD+ is certainly one of those — it has a bright 9″ screen that is actually quite light, weighing in …

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[5 Oct 2011 | 10 Comments | 31,622 views]
Fun with a cheap Android tablet

My, but people across the nation have gone all wacky for tablets, haven’t they?
The Amazon Kindle Fire sold an estimated 250,000 units in the first few days after it was announced late last month and made available through pre-orders (the reader will hit the shelves in November). Meanwhile, a reported 2.5 million Apple iPad 2 units were sold in the first month of that product’s existence. It seems that new Android pads (and, yes, the Kindle does fall in that category) are being announced on an almost daily basis.
While there …