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[28 May 2013 | No Comment | 1,538 views]
I’m back too, but like a writer without a pen…

…I am currently a photographer without a camera.
And, much like Ethan, our venerable leader here at First Arkansas News, I have been a victim of an illness that sucked me out of life and plopped me on the sidelines since the end of March, 2012. (Recovery has been slow and treatment continues, so what better time than now to pick up the reins and run with it!)  At some time during the past year, my trusty companion, my camera, decided its usefulness was done, so my first quest is purchasing …

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[30 Nov 2011 | No Comment | 3,373 views]
Arkansas Author: Sherry Laymon

Name: Sherry Laymon, Ph.D.

Location: Little Rock

Occupation: Writer, Educator

Title of most recent book: Fearless: John L. McClellan, United States Senator

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[10 Sep 2011 | No Comment | 2,964 views]
Arkansas Author: Denton Gay

Name: Denton Gay
Location: Springdale
FAN: You have a wealth of writing experience. Can you tell us about your major projects including what each is about (short synopsis) and why you chose to write each one?
A: The first project published was a novel titled Fatal Mistakes.  It is a psychological story about four characters who deal with unforeseen consequences of teen pregnancy in different ways. A therapist guides the main character on his journey to understanding how repressed emotions affected his life in a negative way.
I wrote this as a bit of fantasy fulfillment. …

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[25 Aug 2011 | 3 Comments | 3,323 views]
Arkansas Author: Rhonda Franz

Name: Rhonda Franz
Location: outside of Lowell
Where I’ve been published/tell about each:
I’m a contributing editor ParentingSquad.com, where write I tips, commentary, and informational articles for parents and families. Earlier this year, one of my essays was included in the collection, Chicken Soup for the Soul for New Moms. My work has been published with local favorites, Peekaboo magazine and NWAMotherlode. I’ve also written for CalgarysChild magazine, and was recently featured on the TODAY show MomBlogs for MSNBC.  I’ve had a couple of editorials included in the local newspaper, but I’m not …

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[21 Aug 2011 | One Comment | 3,268 views]
Arkansas Author: Pam Long

Name: Pam Long
City: Lowell
Tell us about your book projects?
The book is that is due to come out soon is entitled Contessa, published by Regal Ink Press, LLC. It is a faith-based romance about a photojournalist for a travel magazine and a medical student who meet on a flight to Kenya, both on totally different paths in life. Connor is the worldly one, master of his own fate with the devil-may-care attitude on the outside but he carries a deep pain on the inside. Contessa (“Tessa” to her friends) also knows …

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[14 Aug 2011 | One Comment | 2,638 views]
Arkansas Author: Barbara Youree

Name: Barbara Youree
Book titles and publishers: 
Courageous Journey, Walking the Lost Boys’ Path from the Sudan to America (Co-authors and subjects of this non-fiction book: Ayuel Leek Deng and Beny Ngor Chol) New Horizon Press, 2008
Race to Glory, Red Willow Press, to be released near the end of 2011
FAN: You have a wealth of writing experience. Can you tell us about your most recent book about the Sudan and also about the YA book coming out? Please include a brief plot synopsis.
Synopsis of Courageous Journey: Bombs crash in the dead of night, …

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[5 Jun 2011 | No Comment | 4,367 views]
Arkansas Author: Rhonda Fincher

Name: Rhonda Fincher
Location: Rogers
Occupation: Executive Director, Kendrick Fincher Hydration Foundation (more information below about the Foundation)
Title of Book: Good Night Kendrick, I Love You:  A Mother’s Journal Through Grief
Publisher: Trafford
Tell us about the book, what’s it about?
The book walks the reader through my process of grief as chronicled through letters to my son over a span of fifteen years.
What inspired you to write this book?
After Kendrick died I read many books on grief.  However, I felt that they fell short of understanding the pain that I was really going through.  …

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[20 May 2011 | One Comment | 3,749 views]
Arkansas Author: Carolyn Guinzio

Name: Carolyn Guinzio
Lives in: Fayetteville
Occupation: Poet
Books: Three full-length poetry collections:
West Pullman (Bordighera, 2005)
Quarry (Parlor Press, 2008)
& (Red Hen, coming in 2012)
What are your books about?
My first book, West Pullman, revolves around the neighborhood of the title, on the south side of Chicago. One sequence in the book is about the birds on Laysan, an island in the North Pacific. Themes of impermanence, disappearance and extinction are what link these two seemingly disparate ideas. Having lived most of my life in Chicago, it was gone to me as a home, …

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[13 May 2011 | Comments Off on Arkansas Author: Jo McDougall | 3,088 views]
Arkansas Author: Jo McDougall

Meet Jo Dougall. Jo was born and raised in Arkansas but lives in Kansas now. You might be wondering why she’s being featured as an “Arkansas Author” if she lives in a different state. Well, considering she was raised in Arkansas and her latest book is about Arkansas, we made an exception. We don’t think you’ll regret it. Check out the info on Jo McDougall and her latest book, Daddy’s Money: a Memoir of Farm and Family.
Name: Jo McDougall
Current location: Leawood, Kan., a part of the Kansas City metropolitan area
Where …

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[19 Mar 2011 | One Comment | 2,655 views]
Arkansas Authors: Sharon McCauley, Melody Jones, Brandon Morris

Yup, that’s three authors in the headline.
These folks collaborated on the book QuickBooks Payroll Manual – A Step-by-Step Tutorial & Reference Guide, which was published by Barons’, Inc. Sharon McCauley and Melody Jones live in Bentonville, and Brandon Morris lives in Atkins. Here’s what they had to say:
What led you to write this book?
We saw a need that wasn’t currently being fulfilled in the marketplace and we filled it. Every QuickBooks book/manual on the market, if it address payroll at all devoted 15-30 pages on payroll which is simply not …