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[11 Dec 2010 | 5 Comments | 2,429 views]
Christmas dessert recipes recap, part 2

Back on Dec. 1, the lovely and talented Marci Nobles started posting Christmas dessert recipes.
Those have proven popular, but it’s kind of a chore to keep up with them all. For that reason, we at First Arkansas News have fallen into the habit of posting links to those posts every weekend in one, big summary. You’ll find the first summary here and (of course) you’re reading the second one now.
By the way, it’s worth mentioning that you can easily keep up with recipes and everything else here by simply subscribing …

Christmas recipes, Features and such, Recipes »

[8 Dec 2010 | One Comment | 2,790 views]
Christmas dessert recipe — apple bread

We Americans sure love our apples, don’t we?
We’ve named computers after them, eat more apple pie than you can shake a stick at and what kid doesn’t know the legend of Johnny Appleseed and his love of planting apple trees in the Midwest?
Oh, and here’s some trivia for you. Johnny Appleseed’s real name was John Chapman. In addition to being an accomplished nurseryman, he was a missionary for the Church of New Jerusalem. There you go. You never learned that while singing about Appleseed in kindergarten, did you? Yes, you …