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Hyperkin announces Retron5 delay, price increase

By: 23 April 2014 3 Comments

Hyperkin Retron 5About this time last year, First Arkansas News ran an article waxing poetic about the forthcoming Hyperkin Retron5. The Retron5 has been promoted as just the machine a lot of us people who love classic console gaming have wanted for a long time. The problem with a lot of classic consoles is that they look terrible on HDTV sets and the Retron5 is supposed to solve that problem by upscaling games to run in 720p high definition through an HDMI port.

Anyone who has ever plugged, say, a Sega Genesis into an HDTV set knows the problem — blurry graphics due to a low resolution that doesn’t reproduce well on modern television sets. The Retron5 has been touted as one that will accept titles for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA), Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Nintendo Famicom (Japanese), Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game boy color (GBC), Super Famicom (SFC), Sega Mega Drive and original Game Boy games. If the thing is ever released, it will come with two wireless, rechargeable controllers with buttons that can be custom mapped or it can use controllers for the Genesis, NES or SNES.

Hyperkin was supposed to release the Retron5 in November. Then the date was moved back to December. The date was moved again to the first quarter of 2014, but Hyperkin said it would be out sometime in April.

Our good friends at 8-bit Classics (a heck of a good company, by the way) informs us that Hyperkin has pushed the release date back again to the end of May and has raised the price of the machine from $99.99 to $139.99. Here is the email from 8-Bit Classics released today (April 23):

8-Bit Classics has just received a call directly from Hyperkin. Unfortunately it isn’t the best of news. Here are the udpates that we have been told:

  1. Retail price has been raised from $99.99 to $139.99. Reasoning was because of the additional upgraded components since the original announcement.
  2. First shipment will happen towards the end of May. This shipment is very limited quantities and will be followed with the remainder of units in about two weeks that follow.

What does this mean for our customers:

  1. All pre-orders will need to be increased to the $139.99 price. Based on the new pricing, we would be losing money on each order otherwise.
  2. Yes, another delay. First November, then December, then 1st Quarter and now finally May.


  1. Continue with the pre-order knowing the price has increased. You do not need to contact us if you want to keep your pre-order.
  2. Cancel your pre-order. Email us at with your order # and full name to cancel.
  3. Hold onto your pre-order until more info is given.


  1. If you really want a Retron 5, we recommend holding off on cancelling your pre-order. We haven’t charged any credit cards and will not until we are informed that your order has shipped to us.
  2. If you don’t want to deal with it anymore, let us know by emailing us your info as requested above under Options-2.
  3. If you paid with PayPal, please contact us either way.
  4. We would also recommend contacting Hyperkin ( in regards to your disappointment with them and the handling the Retron 5.

Please remember that 8-Bit Classics is just the middle man. We are assuming all sites that offered a pre-order will be following up with customers as we are. We have no control over Hyperkin and their pricing and delivery. We still have faith in the product and think it will be the best console on the market for playing retro games.

Note: Early pre-orders weren’t aware but we are giving one free game to all pre-orders.

Finally, you can contact us at with any questions or if you have Facebook, please follow us at We update our Facebook more frequently with minor updates instead of sending more unwanted SPAM.

Again, we do apologize for the news, but we are just the middle man. We are bound to what Hyperkin gives us as information.


8-Bit Classics

So, there you have it. The Retron5 has been delayed yet again. Frankly, I preordered mine from 8-Bit Classics back on Sept. 3 and an additional $40 isn’t going to kill me. I am a bit concerned, however, that my best source of information about the Retron5 has been from 8-Bit Classics as Hyperkin has been silent on details about development about the console and has done little more than miss a lot of release dates.

That is a shame. The machine should be awesome, but one must wonder when the thing will finally be released and whether Hyperkin has permanently lost a lot of customers by handling the Retron5 project so badly. If a Retron 5 ever finds its way to my doorstep, expect a full a review of it.

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