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VeryHelpful.net — an Epinions replacement?

starsIt didn’t take long — Epinions contributors were told last week that the 15-year-old site was no longer accepting reviews, but that news was followed with an invitation to a site meant to be a replacement.

Epinions, an eBay property, has spent the last 15 years paying writers for reviews of everything from Ramones albums to Ford Mustangs. Those days are over, but a new site — VeryHelpful.net — was set up by Andy Hillal. He was an Epinions staffer from 2000 to 2007 and wrote under the monicker of Andyman on the site.

Hillal, though the Epinions onsite forums, invited writers to start posting reviews at VeryHelpful. While the site does not yet offer any cash to members, Hillal said the goal is to first attract writers with the goal of generating content that will attract attention and revenue.

Where are those “dot com” angels from the 1990s, who invested billions into Internet startup sites, when you need them?

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