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Actually, you can make money on the Internet

By: 9 December 2011 No Comment

Go ahead and take a look at your email inbox and see how many scams are floating around in here.

Here at the First Arkansas News mailbox, we’ve got everything from Nigerian princes wanting to send millions of dollars to garden-variety, scammy “make money quick” nonsense. Frankly, most offers to make money that are tossed at our inboxes are set up to do just the opposite — get money from us and provide absolutely nothing in return.

While we’ve never dedicated space on this site to talking about how to make money, it might be useful to point out a couple of ways to get a few bucks that actually do work and cost nothing to join. Will you get rich using either method in this article? No. You will not. Still, you can make a buck or two in your free time and that’s not bad. Bear in mind that both the companies I’m about to describe have been tested — they provide actual cash, make no outlandish promises and deliver the goods.

The first company I’ll mention is That site, as the name implies, pays some money here and there to take online surveys and generally pay between $1 and $10 for spending some time filling out surveys. Once you sign up and fill out a profile (that does take some time), you’ll start receiving invitations to participate in your surveys by email.

The drawback here is that the more expensive surveys can take around 30 minutes to fill out and you won’t qualify for all of them regardless of the fact you’ve been invited. Still, you stand to make around $100 a month if you have the time to fill out a few surveys a week and it’s easy enough to request a check when you have money in your account (that check won’t arrive quickly — plan on 4 to 12 weeks). Still, members who fool around with the site a bit here and there can build up some healthy reserves in an account, making it pretty easy to save up a few hundred dollars before requesting a check. That amount of cash can come in handy.

Interested? Click here to sign up and see for yourself if the site interests you.

Another site that pays real money is Back in the late 1990s. a lot of sites popped up that would pay people to write content. Epinions was one of those sites and is pretty much the last of the bunch left standing. The site, as the name implies, pays members to submit product reviews. It is free to join and submit articles.

Again, you’ll not make a whole lot of money on Epinions. I joined in 2000 and have made $2,902.67 in that time. That’s $263.87 per year or $21.99 per month. Yeah. Epinions doesn’t pay that well. Bear in mind that reviews of electronics tend to bring in more than anything else and there are some opportunities to earn bonus cash for writing the first reviews on products, etc.

Still, the site does pay a little something and I’ve never had an Epinions check bounce. I’ve got over $120 in my account right now and will cash that in one of these days — yes, the money does add up over time.

And, that may be the most important thing one can say about making money on the Internet. There are some legitimate sites out there, but be wary of those companies promising a way to get rich quick. You might make a little money slowly after putting in some effort, but that’s about as much as one can expect.

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