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GE tells American workers to go to hell, ‘First Arkansas News’ announces new series

By: 27 July 2011 15 Comments

You want to talk about timing? Just yesterday, we at First Arkansas News posted an article about the growing interest in buying American-made products and — before the pixels were even cold on that one — General Electric announced it’s moving a bunch of jobs to China.

That ironic announcement — we’ll get to it in a minute — has prompted an expansion of the aforementioned article into a series of them. We’ve already heard from Roger Simmermaker of How Americans Can Buy American and we’ll hear from Don Rongione of American Made Matters in the next day or two about the economic impact of the loss of manufacturing jobs throughout the nation. Expect other articles to follow.

Now, back to GE.

GE Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board Jeffrey R. Immelt managed to make both Republicans and Democrats look bad by announcing his company is moving its international X-ray headquarters from Waukesha, Wis., to Beijing, China. That move is part of GE’s broader plan to invest $2 billion in China.

While that may be par for the course for American businesses these days, it ought not be for GE. Why? Because Immelt — an alleged Republican — was appointed by Democrat-in-Chief Barack Obama in January to head up the the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. That’s right — Immelt is one of those businessmen who is supposed to find ways to create jobs here rather than, say, China.

The whole scenario looks even worse when one considers that the government has bent over backward to deliver all sorts of competitive advantages to GE. The company made $14.2 billion last year and paid no income taxes to the federal government. After months of telling American companies that it’s in their best interests to create American jobs, Immelt announced his company is creating a bunch of jobs in China.

So, he’s a self-described Republican hired by a Democrat to head up a job creation group and he leads a company that is doing, well, exactly the opposite of what Imment says American companies should be doing. Uh, which party wants to claim that Immelt cat now?

Expanding investments in China when the national unemployment rate is an alarming 9.2 percent? Good going, Imment — you are the very embodiment of why the economy is a mess and why we’re in trouble.

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  • David Martin said:

    I will do what ever i have to to not buy any GE products you don’t pay taxes you move your company fuck you!

  • Laura Avant said:

    Fight back, workers!
    We absolutely have to fight the power of these giant corporations who care only for their profit line. Of course, when the head guy is also a government official, it’s like being the prosecutor and the defense attorney at the same time: crooked. GE is our PUBLIC utility or was and now they are jumping ship on us when we need the jobs the most.

    Go to “” or “Dontgetrolled” and find out what you can do to overturn the destructive Citizens United decision that gives the corporations the power to buy our “elected officials” such as in this case. Then work with MoveOn or another progressive group under the American Dream Movement umbrella to mobilize the public and stop this nonsense before the country is driven into the ground.

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    David — Heh. Tell us how you really feel 😉

    Laura — I hope and pray a less polarizing group will carry the banner on this one. Not to knock MoveOn crew unnecessarily, but the mere mention of that bunch will turn off a lot of people who might be otherwise be sympathetic to an effort to get jobs here and emphasize the value of American goods. We’re talking about an issue that needs support from the right, left and center, and simply hasn’t the ability to get support across the political spectrum. Sure, that bunch is great at preaching to the choir but in the past has shown little tolerance for — or understanding of — people who hold opposing viewpoints. The very combative nature of that group would render it ineffective in assembling the support necessary to prevail on the issue at hand.

    You’re absolutely right on Citizens United by the way. Awful, awful decision that will cause all manner of damage.

  • Laurence S. Eraut said:

    Dear Mr. Jeffrey Immelt, CEO GE July 29, 2011
    By shipping American Jobs to China, particularly X-ray
    technical jobs from Waukesha Wiscosin, you are a traitor.
    You are the Jeffrey Dahmer of American jobs. Reprehensible.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Laurence S. Eraut

  • Jake said:

    Fuck GE. I will NEVER buy another product from them.

  • John Botts said:

    Immelt…You are a low life liar. Your company is a tax dodger and is a big part of the economic downturn of America. You should have your U.S citizenship revoked and be exiled to China…you seem to like it so well there. Typical Republican trickle down economics. Greed is the bottom line. I have not purchased products manufactured by G.E. for several years. I will never purchase anything from G.E. again.

  • Amereican Consumer said:

    GE has always been equated with buying American products. Not any more! As Americans, It’s our job to help the American worker by buying American made products whenever we can. GE will never get another dollar from me for anything they make. If all of us take this stance, we could bring GE to it’s knees.

  • Grandma Grizzly said:

    The US is TAXBEAT NATION! GE spends millions on Tax Wizards to DODGE paying what they OWE American taxpayers in taxes. THIS is the Nation that helped ‘opportunize’ their success. When people say, ‘Liberty isn’t free,” say, “No it isn’t!” Young kids are dying for it while GIANT corps pay Lip Service to Democracy. They don’t give a DAMN about Uncle SAM, only the Almighty American Dollar. Corporate tycoons hide billions in offshore banks, enjoy the lowest tax rates & biggest loopholes in decades…yet STILL resent helping their country during wartime! Bet they still have American flags flapping in front of corporate offices though! They know a good place to steal legally when they see it.

  • Steve said:

    GE Neanderthal scum pig. Soon, your ghetto business practices will put you out of business. You will be owned by chinese slave owners when your idiotic investments fail. They don’t care about you, and neither do we. You are 5 years behind in technology pig, move all the way your fat stupid ass to china.

    If you do business in china, you do not do business in the United States, with my tax money. When you realize that China thinks you are am absolute joke, they will force you to sell your ancient leviathan company to them, and then have a party.

    Communism sucks, and it is illegal to own slaves.

  • Helen said:

    The only way we are going to get out of this mess is if Americans only buy American made products. We could create millions of jobs without any help from our buddies in Washington. All it takes is for “We the people” to stop complaining and start buying American made products. If you cann’t American made then buy used or do with out. We are the largest consumers in the world and if we stop buying the stuff made in other countries they will have to return their jobs to American or they will have no one to buy them. We could do this in about 1 year. Every time you see a friend who has lost their job or their home and wonder where it will stop just remember that we have more power then we know and we are not helpless.

  • Terri said:

    They are going to bite themselves in the A** by doing this. American workers are sick and tired of putting up with these idiots.

  • Hank Bott said:

    Ge WAS a great company. The GE willoughby Quartz plant in Ohio is a rather large building, in a small corner they build filaments for bulbs. They planned to fill a semi truck with the boxes of filaments to Mexico, pay Spicks 85 Cents a day + a bottle of Coke or Pepsi. and shut the filament side down. The union fought it. I do not know the results.
    I was in quite a few GE plants and people were exceptionaly nice and business like.
    BUT “Hack Saw Jack ” came along and screwed up a great company. His smooth idea to enlarge the bottom line, was lay a hell of a lot of people off, bring in stupid DP’s and pay em half the wages. That’s how he got his name “Hack Saw Jack “”
    The same with Carter Burgess when he bacame Pres of TWA. He laid off more people and his sayings were , “would you rather be overworked rather than out of work”” He did n’t last long. The other “Dummie” sold all spare parts etc. and bankrupted the airline, the NO BRAINER A-HOLE. who also bankrupted other large companies in the USA.

  • http://legjobb-bakik.Info said:

    Might you have more posts such as this one termed, GE
    tells American workers to go to hell, ?First Arkansas News? announces new series | First Arkansas News (FAN) – reporting from
    across the Natural State? I would like to read
    through even more about it. Thanks for your time.

  • John said:

    The American people need to show this social psychopath that we don’t need their products sold in this country. If he wants to move all the work out of America than sell it there also. Boycott ALL GE products.

  • Bettie said:

    Donald Trump said he will tell them to go ahead and move to china, But it will cost you 35% tax to sale in the US. There goes your profit savings GE. GO TRUMP!

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