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Take over the world or universe with that iPhone

By: 12 January 2011 2 Comments

'Lux Touch.'

Ever since French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse invented the board game Risk in 1957, people have relaxed by swiping territory, building up armies and whipping the tar out of their opponents.

Risk has proven so popular, in fact, that it’s spawned a host of imitators. A couple of very good ones are available for the iPhone and you can get them for free. Both of the games featured here offer the option to upgrade and grab a few extra features, but the full versions of the Apple iPod apps aren’t crippled. Grab the full versions if you want to, but bear in mind the free ones offer plenty of entertainment and may well become those “go to” applications for Risk fans who own iPhones (the iPad and iPod Touch will run these, too, of course). They’re some of the best iPhone apps out there for Risk fans, in fact, and that’s no lie.

Let’s have a look at these apps, shall we?

Lux Touch

Don’t let the title fool you — Lux Touch is Risk in everything but its name. It’s the same game you’ve played for years so you know the drill — capture territories, build up armies, capture more categories, repeat until you (or your enemy) is destroyed.

Lux Touch pits you (always the blue player) against four computer opponents that aren’t too hard to beat after you’ve figured out their strategies. One computer is very lucky at saving up “cards” and buying extra armies, another one grabs small bits of territory and simply fills them with armies, another one simply attacks constantly and the other is just a clueless moron.

The game starts out fairly tough, but figuring out what strategies the computer players use is easy enough, meaning you’ll be whipping up on your foes in no time. It would be great if difficulty levels and multiplayer  were options, but forget about those– you need to get the full version for more challenging computer opponents, more maps, multiplayer support and some other features (the upgrade is $4.99).

Want a copy of Lux Touch right now? You know you do. Click here to get it.

Soylent Green vs. Orange Crush (?) in 'Galcon Lite.'

Galcon Lite

Think of Galcon Lite as “Risk in space” to get an idea of what this game is like. Ah, but it’s quite a bit more than that — Galcon Lite is ridiculously fast (I’ve finished some games in 30 seconds)  and the difficulty levels range from “dead easy” to “have mercy.” The game is in real time, meaning you don’t take a turn, wait for your opponent to play and then go again.

The idea behind Galcon Lite is easy enough to grasp. You start off with one planet that generates space ships. Grab unclaimed planets with your forces and those, too, generate space ships. The goal, of course, is to build up a force that will crush your cursed enemy.

And, yes, that cursed enemy is easy to destroy in the easier level, but that computer opponent becomes incredibly crafty in later ones. And there are a lot of levels, too, so this game has replay value to spare — just work your up the levels until you run across a computer component that always seems to be a step or two ahead of you.

By the way, you do get a nag screen imploring you to upgrade whenever you start the application, but that’s not much of an annoyance. Besides, the programmer put some serious time into this, so spending $2.99 for the full version might not be a terrible idea.

What do you get with the upgrade? Online multiplayer, more single-player missions are the main things.

Still, the free version isn’t a bit crippled and is dandy fun. Click here to get it.

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  • Gerry Schulze said:

    I like Conquest. Granted, the graphics aren’t as nice as those in Galcon or Risk but I like the different maps. And I play on an iPhone, not an iPad, so let’s face it, graphics aren’t all that big a deal to me. Two bucks isn’t a lot to pay for an app if you’re going to play it for more than a couple of days, and I’ve played this one more than I’ve played the official game (which–granted–was only a buck I think).

    I thought about trying Lux, which I hadn’t heard of before I saw this blog, but I don’t know if I want to spend big money ($4.99!) to play another version of Risk when I already have three on my phone as it is. When I’m in the mood to play Risk on the phone, I generally play Conquest.


  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    Gerry — I’ll check that out. I’m playing the free version of Lux and it’s been great for me so far.

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