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A Verizon iPhone? Good!

By: 9 January 2011 12 Comments

The tech rumor mill has it that Verizon will announce on Tuesday, Jan. 11, that it will offer the iPhone. An AT&T exclusive since 2007, frustrated iPhone users have complained about dropped calls, limited coverage, delays in tethering, slow data speeds, poor customer service and the possibility that AT&T allowed warrantless NSA wiretapping. The list of customer complaints means a sigh of relief if Verizon does, in fact, use the NYC press conference to launch the iPhone on its network on Tuesday.

I am a die-hard iPhone-aholic and have been since I bought a 3G in 2008, and I have experienced none of the long list of problems all the tech articles gush about.

I suppose the main reason for my lack of popular complaints is that I live in White County, Arkansas, not a huge metropolitan area, and AT&T has the county covered pretty well, especially since they recently launched 3G coverage. Sure, I suffered with EDGE data speed for quite awhile, but I have always had solid, strong call coverage. I have no complaints with AT&T’s customer support either. The only thing I have to complain about is the monthly contract cost, which right now is my highest utility bill. Is it worth it? Yes.

This little gadget is with me 24/7, and the phone part of it is the least of its uses for me. I use it as my checkbook, my second camera, I have all the major news apps and eBook readers installed on it. When I’m away from my laptop, I have access to my email accounts and Facebook without a hitch. It has replaced my reporter’s notebook and pen, and I can use it to write articles in a pinch. My iPhone is even my guitar tuner and GPS. I would be lost with it. Literally.

I’m looking forward to Verizon’s launch of the iPhone, not because I will defect from AT&T myself. When all those unhappy-with-AT&T users jump ship, the network strain will ease and speeds will increase across the board. I imagine AT&T will bend over backwards to keep iPhone users and jump through hoops to do what it takes to rectify problems encountered. In a few months, both Verizon and AT&T networks will be about the same, assuming the Verizon network can handle a glut of new iPhone users, and the carrier choice debate will return to contract price and customer service quality.

For now, I have my fingers crossed for contract plan and purchase price drops. AT&T has already reduced the purchase price of the iPhone 3GS to $49 with a 2-year contract, and I’m hoping they lower the price of the 4 as well. If they do, I just might decide to retire my trusty 3G and splurge on an upgrade.

As for AT&T network speed and customer service, I will enjoy a pleasant improvement once Verizon offers the iPhone. I can’t complain.

So, what will you do? Will you sign on with Verizon once they offer the iPhone?

About: Theresa Komor:
White County resident, freelance writer, photographer and blogger. Email her, visit her at A Bumpy Path and Out in the Back Yard for more neurotic enlightenment and visual stimulation.


  • Chris said:

    Bye, bye AT&T is all I have to say. I have nothing but problems with my service, constant dropped calls and I live in downtown Boston, MA. I even went out and bought the Micro Cell for my house just to get service in my house (which I have to constantly re-boot when it goes down). Very good point about large numbers jumping ship and will Verizon be able to handle it. I’ll definitely consider that. My contract is up March 8th and at this point, I can’t wait to have another option to consider.

  • Brendon said:

    I am a flight attendant who flies between NY and Los Angeles. Rarely is the time I get phone service at either airport. I am told by AT&T that
    one airport had 5 degraded towers the other has 12 towers in the vicinity that are down. Then I’m told they have only so much man power to fix the problems. I had Verizon for 13 years and left to go to AT&T for the iPhone. I have had more dropped and failed calls in the past 25 months with AT&T then I did in the 13 years with Verizon. I’m running back to Verizon.

  • Ethan C. Nobles said:

    Glad you pointed this out, Theresa. Not a bit happy, however, that I entered into a two-year deal with AT&T in August. Drat. Dropped calls, 2GB of data, unlimited texting and a putrid 450 minutes a month — all for around $85 a month. Seems almost like a scam.

  • Mark said:

    Good luck to all of those who leave AT&T to go to Verizon for their version of the iPhone. Many may not know this but the Verizon network technology is not capable of Simultaneous voice and data transfers. What does this mean? No talking and browsing the web at the same time. AT&T can do this which is one of the most important features of the iPhone. I don’t know how important this feature is to many users out there or if ?Verizon and Apple have been able to come up with a fix for this shortfall but I feel that some of the AT&T subscribers of jump ship may be a bit disappointed by the Verizon iPhone’s performance. For those with dropped calls, have you tried getting a new SIM card?

  • shellie said:

    Nope. I am happy with Android.. I love my FREE gps, and wigdets….

  • Dave said:

    Shellie, GPS is FREE on the iPhone, as are many, many applications.

  • Suzie said:

    > especially since they recently launched 3G coverage

    This is 2011… and AT&T is still (poorly) trying to set up brand new 3G coverage areas for the first time????

    Why wasn’t that done YEARS ago?

    So when is Arkansas going to get 4G? In 2020????


  • Ethan C. Nobles said:

    Mark — Haven’t tried a new sim card. Would like to know, however, if that will improve things. My iPhone has pretty well dropped calls since the day I got it. Put up with it because I like the phone so much, but avoiding that would be nice. I will agree, however, that it will be a real problem if people are unable to do simultaneous voice/date transfers on Verizon. That’s something to watch…

    Shellie — Is free GPS due to the phone or the provider? My wife has a Blackberry through Verizon and has free GPS, whereas I’ve got that crippled “Google Maps” thing on my iPhone through AT&T.

  • Josh said:

    Always find it funny, the people who say you can’t surf the web and talk at the same time…really? How often do you actually do that? Is it a nice feature? Sure….but it’s like having an HDMI port on your phone…nice? Absolutely…will you use it everyday? Doubtful

  • Theresa Komor said:

    Suzie, yes, they just got around to firing up the 3G up here in White County. It would have been nice if it was available years ago, that’s for sure. When I lived way out in the country, EDGE was the only Internet available to me, and I used an aircard for my laptop. Now that I’ve moved into town, I have wireless DSL at home that is zippy in comparison – for both my laptop and iPhone!

    It took AT&T forever to launch 3G here, but then again, it’s not a very populated area. I’m actually surprised they brought it here at all, and I imagine they did only because of Harding University.

    Mark, simultaneous data/call is nice, but did it matter before iOS came out and all the Android smartphones hit the market? My 3G doesn’t multitask, but I am able to do other things while on a call anyway.

    Ethan, I use only the Google Maps app for GPS, and it has only failed me the one time I didn’t have an address to a place. Every other time, it has been right on the money. I have the $30/month unlimited data that they no longer offer, and won’t give it up, so with another line, a family plan unlimited texting thing and I think around 500 minutes per month that I never use and have over 3,000 rollover minutes, my bill is $135. That is WAY too much money!

    Josh, what is HDMI? Do I want it?

  • Mack said:

    I’ve had the Iphone 3G for two years now and I’m eager for Apple to make the official announcement. I have terrible coverage in the area that I work and live. All of my friends with Verizon are surfing the web with four bars when I only have one bar of coverage. Since I’ve upgraded my Iphone with the latest update my touch response on my phone has become sluggish. I do still have the unlimited data plan, but I know many that are still AT&T customers that had to choose one of the down graded data plans. I’m going to be gone as soon as my contract expires in April. I may go ahead and pay the penalty just so I can leave AT&T sooner!

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