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So long, uTorrent

By: 15 December 2010 61 Comments

Like it or not, BitTorrent clients have become fairly standard equipment on computers.

Yes, there are some legitimate uses for having an application that can share and download Torrent files. The BitTorrent peer-to-peer file transfer protocol allows people to download huge files wherever they can get an Internet connection.

Naturally, people using BitTorrent clients are often interested in busily stealing music, movies and software — copyrighted stuff they don’t want to buy. As for legitimate uses, people can utilize the BitTorrent protocol to distribute any large collection of files easily. Unsigned bands, people who have made films and a large group of people using BitTorrent own the material they’re sharing and simply want to find a large audience. It is incredible, for example, how quickly people find Torrents of music made by an unsigned performer looking for an audience. Nothing wrong with that.

Ah, but the criminal uses of those BitTorrent clients is what captures headlines. Perhaps the illegality of those clients makes the companies that distribute them think it’s OK to force adware and/or spyware on users.

A BitTorrent client I’ve used for years is uTorrent, which is owned by BitTorrent, Inc. BitTorrent also has its own client, but it is virtually identical to uTorrent. Both clients are very small, fast and have the same problem — they’ve recently started forcing an annoying toolbar on people when they update to the newest versions of the clients.

The annoying software at issue here is a worthless browser toolbar that is, evidently, dependent on an obnoxious, insidious application called Conduit. Yes, company employees spend a lot of time on the Conduit forum declaring the toolbar isn’t spyware or adware, but when’s the last time anyone engaged in tossing such software on the Internet admitted they were doing something wrong?

Conduit and the uTorrent/BitTorrent toolbar associated with it  may or may not be spyware or adware in the classic sense of the terms. Frankly, I don’t care. Here’s what the whole unwanted package does — it hogs up some space at the top of your browser and offers cruddy features and the ability to add more of them. It also directs searches through Conduit and sends results favoring some of the company’s marketing partners. Also, for those of us who have wonderful, wonderful netbooks, it hogs up too much of the valuable real estate on those tiny, 10.2″ displays.

Ah, but with BitTorrent and uTorrent users are stuck with Conduit as soon as they update to the latest versions of those clients. Furthermore, Conduit is a pain to remove. The steps I took on my Windows XP system were as follows:

* From the Firefox browser, open the tools menu, selected add-ons then disable Conduit. Internet Explorer users have the same fun — go to the tools menu, select the “manage add-ons” options and then kill both the Conduit application and another one called either BitTorrent toolbar or uTorrent toolbar.

* After all that fun, open the control panel from the “start” menu in Windows, select add/remove programs and kill off both the Conduit engine and the BitTorrent or uTorrent toolbar.

* Ah, but there’s more! I went ahead and searched my hard drive for term “conduit” and came up with a few files missed when I removed the Conduit and the associated toolbar.

* Finally, I ran CCleaner (one of the best free applications on the planet) and got rid of all the references to Conduit and its associated toolbar in my Windows registry.

Again, uTorrent  may be serving up the most wonderful toolbar on the planet but I don’t care. I didn’t have the option to not install it with my uTorrent updates on my laptop and desktop computers and was stuck with it. I’ve never liked toolbars — they hog up system resources, clutter up a screen and tend to gather information on me and send it to who-knows-where for who-knows-what.

I decided to get rid of uTorrent completely after the aggravating process of killing off Conduit and tried Vuze. You know what I got with Vuze? Another blasted toolbar to remove from my system.

The thing about uTorrent/BitTorrent is that the client loads quickly and has all the options one could ever need. Also, they are very compatible with the file formats you’ll want to download with them. In fact, uTorrent/BitTorrent was one of the finest applications going until Conduit crashed the party.

Fortunately, there’s a BitTorrent client out there that has all the features and compatibility of the Conduit-laden cousins without the headaches — qBittorrent. It looks and acts a lot like uTorrent/BitTorrent, but without any toolbars or other nonsense. It’s also free and that fits within my budget.

Yes, qBittorrent may be a bit more difficult to install and has a bug or two, but it’s a great, toolbar-free alternative that’s well worth a look.

About: Ethan C. Nobles:
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  • Simon Morris (uTor` said:

    hi Ethan,
    I regret the fact that you’re annoyed about our toolbar offer. The fact is that we’re trying to make enough money to pay engineering salaries. Browser toolbars are a well established way of doing this for popular free software products. Browser toolbars have also come a long way in terms of offering real user benefits. Having said that, we understand that they are not for everyone, and for that reason, the toolbar that we offer is completely optional and has always been optional.
    To be clear: if there is any example where someone had a Conduit toolbar installed in spite of unchecking the relevant check box, then we would consider this to be a serious bug and would like to hear about it on our forums so we can fix it. We are not aware of any such bug right now.
    I’m sorry you’re annoyed by this, but truly we believe that this is not a terribly evil offer to make. If you want to use an alternative bittorrent client then so be it. There are plenty of hobbyists out there who software which downloads using the bittorrent protocol, although I doubt very much you’ll find a product which approaches the quality or feature-set of uTorrent. This is achieved through having a large engineering team dedicated to continuously improving the software and adding new features. This needs to be paid for somehow. Hence the annoyance of things like toolbar offers. I hope the majority of our users can understand.

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    What I’m annoyed about is the fact I didn’t have the option to not install the toolbar when I updated uTorrent. Anyone doing a fresh uTorrent install has that option, but it doesn’t seem available to those of us who are updating. I hate toolbars with a passion and had that Conduit stuff installed on three systems when I updated. That means three systems to clean and no warning from uTorrent that I was about to download something I didn’t want. When people aren’t offered the option of backing out of one of those things, they’re going to be annoyed.

    I well understand the need to make money. However, I do believe you’d have a much better time letting people know what they’re about to get before they wind up with it. I don’t mind someone making some cash with toolbars if I’m warned one is about to install itself and I can refuse to install it.

    I’m not the only one that’s had this problem. Run a Google search and you’ll find a number of surprised uTorrent users who are irate.

  • User said:

    Funny how this all happened the same time the FBI took over the p2p websites, makes me wonder if this is a pure tracking system devised by the FBI to get a list of all torrent users. Can you say Big Brother is now watching you.

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    Well, I just figure it was a mistake. A huge one, but a mistake nonetheless.

    Actually, the first mistake was hopping in bed with a sleazy bunch such as Conduit Ad/Spyware Inc. That’s rather akin to selling your soul to the devil.

  • Nun said:

    Simon Morris- I love that defense. You need to raise money to pay for the development of something that is often used avoid paying money.

  • dd said:

    Odd this –
    I’ve updated UTorrent in the last week and the loader gave me the choice to load the toolbar or not. Nobody’s forced anything on me, and it was all a nice, polite upgrade.

    So what’s this all about then?

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    Good point, Nun. Very good point…

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    dd — I think it’s pretty clear what this is all about. I didn’t get the “toolbar/no toolbar” option. The thing just installed.

    Don’t take just my word for it. Check the uTorrent forums and you’ll find other people having the same problem. Also, have a look at this.

    I’m not the only one who had that thing sneaked in on me…

  • Jap said:

    I updated utorrent earlier today, and get this, it actually gave me the choice to install the toolbar or not and I unchecked them to not install them, BUT low and behold, what do I see as my new homepage on firefox? The Conduit search engine page. The toolbar was also installed. I tried every step you pt up there author, and I got it to uninstall but in the firefox add on menu it seems like conduit didn’t finish uninstalling and it’s still there saying “this add-on will uninstall when firefox is restarted”. Well I’ve restarted FF and also my laptop a few times and it still says the same thing.

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    Wow. So it’s gotten worse, has it. Frustrating.

    And the folks at uTorrent keep swearing the toolbar is optional. Wasn’t optional for me, and it seems it wasn’t optional for you, either. Heck, it sounds like it might have actually messed up something. I’m sticking with qBittorent from here on out…

  • Oz the Malefic said:

    I unchecked the checkbox, it still installed on my system.

    I am now going to consider leaving behind utorrent based on this.

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    They haven’t fixed it yet? Wow.

    As I mentioned in the article, try qBittorrent. It’s not as “slick” as uTorrent and you’ve got to do annoying things like setting your own shortcut, but it doesn’t plague you with junk and offers all the features you’ll need.

  • Robert said:

    I actually unchecked the boxes during upgrade and still got the crapware from Conduit and the uTorrent toolbar. They’ve lost my trust and I’ll not use uTorrent again. I am, by the way, all for the developers making money, but if they have to resort to unethical behavior, they are in the wrong business.

  • Hero of the world said:

    UN-check the auto update and beta features in options->preferences->general. wait for significant update then download new installer and un-check tool bar install option.

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    Or, just download qBittorrent through the link in the post and don’t worry about weird tool bars or anything else of the kind…

  • Robert said:

    I use Bitcomet, and its companion browser Cometbird.

    Bitcomet is easier to use than utorrent, also free.

    Cometbird also is neat in that it allows you to download any online video you watch directly from your browser with a simple “Right-Click.’

    ie: youtube, or any embedded video in any news or website…

  • Ken said:

    I have also used utorrent for a few years like yourself.I liked the simple gui and the fact that is uses very little system resources.Now that I have read this I will continue to use utorrent version 2.0.4 but I will never upgrade.I have never seen the need to because the version I use works and works very well.This is a sad day when a reputable company whores itself in the name of the almighty dollar and at the expense of the end user.The fact that it installs the toolbar even when you opt out during the install is underhanded and devious and will probably cause thousands of users to go to another client .This little fiasco will hurt them both monetarily and ruin their reputation for Having an add ware,spy ware free program.

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    Robert — Don’t know a whole lot about Bitcomet. However, I think this might be a good time to try it. Cometbird sounds very cool…

    Ken — I wish I hadn’t chosen to upgrade. I need to question my practice of doing that as soon as I see a notice. I got burned on it this time, for sure.

  • Dude said:

    I also unchecked the toolbar box only to find it installed anyhow. At first I thought I might have made a mistake, did it on a second computer and exact same results.

    Not only is this difficult to remove, but it also fucked up my IE toolbars (they now have giant black areas where icons should be) This wouldn’t normally be an issue, since I use Chrome, but as a web developer I have to test stuff in IE as well.

    Looks like I’m in the market for a new client.

  • Cole said:

    I’ve been meaning to try Tixati anyway, I might just give it a go. I definitely won’t use BitComet. qBittorrent looks cool though.

  • rich said:

    I updated with no problem at all.. the key is to READ carefully and install slow. Uncheck the boxes and make sure that you are not about to change/install anything other then what you are supposed to be installing and you should be fine.

    I for one highly recommend UTorrent- I have tried numerous other clients and the speed/ease/reliability of UTorrent is unmatched..Also the feature that enables you to automatically have your PC Turn off after a download is complete is amazing for me.. Start downloading before bed and woolah..

  • Arc said:


    I updated uTorrent a while back, and I’m one of those who was victimized by the “unchecked-but-installed-nonetheless” bug. I’m really careful with my installations and I make sure that everything goes smoothly. Still, as others have been complaining, the toolbar popped up in IE and Firefox. I had to take the IE component out using some registry cleaners (just to be sure) and the Firefox component out using the built-in Firefox Add-on Manager. I was wondering if I missed deleting anything. I want that Conduit Engine totally out of my system.

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    Rich — ah, the irony. As I mentioned, I got no “check/uncheck” dialog at all. I was notified an update was available, allowed it to install and I had a toolbar and Conduit’s SpamWare®. Simple as that.

    Arc — I did the same things with my browser, plus went to the “install/uninstall” programs and got rid of the toolbar and Conduit there. Just to be sure, I searched my drive and pulled out every instance of Conduit I could find.

  • qqq said:

    What the hell are you talking about? uTorrent upgraded perfectly and without any toolbars. Maybe you should be reading before saying such things?

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    Mysterious q — Perhaps you should follow your own advice. There were a lot of us who got a toolbar and no “don’t install this” dialog at all. An authorized installation of a toolbar might have been forgivable had it been easy to remove and had it not rested on spyware/spamware/crapware like Conduit.

    If you didn’t get that garbage, good for you. A lot of us, however, have a real problem with such nonsense being dumped on our systems without our consent.

    Clear enough?

  • geeknik said:

    I update uTorrent all the time and I’ve never had it install a toolbar. Maybe because I’m using the beta releases? I’ve searched my system for ‘Conduit’ and found nothing. There is nothing in IE or Firefox either. So I guess I’ll keep using uTorrent for now, until they do something wrong, which I have seen no evidence of yet.

  • geeknik said:

    On a side note, I will take a look at qBittorrent though as I do like to play with new software. =)

  • djskizo said:

    no problems from my end, using utorrent 2.2
    just like geeknik said, nothing in my firefox. ie, or anywhere in my computer about conduit,
    iv been with utorrent for many years, until they burn me, it is still my default torrent software,

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    For those who had no problem installing uTorrent, that’s good news. Hopefully, the company has fixed any problems with their software and no one else will wind up with a toolbar and Conduit (unless they want them).

    Still, I’m sticking with qBittorrent for the time being. No toolbars there (optional or otherwise) and no chance of winding up with that sleazy Conduit stuff.

    Well, I’m sticking with qBitttorrent on my Windows machines, looking at either qBittorrent or Ktorrent for my Linux system.

  • Andrew said:

    Yet another reason why I use rTorrent. You won’t find a leaner, faster, ormore efficient torrent client. While the dev could theoretically distribute a toolbar with it, the source code is open so the first pissed off user with a copy of GCC can crank out the same version as the official sans the toolbar. :)

  • Carpet cleaning Huntington Beach said:

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  • matt said:

    Quick question, when I installed their were three checkboxes for the toolbar. Uncheck all three and no toolbar.

  • Bob said:


    Many thanks for the article and your guide to removing Conduit. Also, thank you, Hero of the world, for the tip about unchecking the update options in uTorrent.

    I accidentally forgot to uncheck all three boxes (only unchecked two, as I was in a rush) and had the same crappy tool-bar on my PC. But my system is now free of this ‘program’.

    However, I’d just like to point out that those who followed Ethan’s instructions will still have some traces of Conduit on their PC. There are some other related files but the file names do not include ‘conduit’. They’re all located in two specific folders on your hard drive – one in ‘Program Files’ and the other in your personal folder in ‘Documents and Settings’.

    If you can’t locate them, go to ‘Tools’ —> ‘Folder Options’ —> ‘View’ and then check ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and click on ‘Apply’.

    The folders are titled something like ‘uTorrent Toolbar’ (it’ll be situated next to the bona fide ‘uTorrent’ folder). Just select those two folders and delete them. After that, your system should be clean of Conduit.

  • Anon said:

    “The thing about uTorrent/BitTorrent is that the client loads quickly and has all the options one could ever need. Also, they are very compatible with the file formats you’ll want to download with them. In fact, uTorrent/BitTorrent was one of the finest applications going until Conduit crashed the party.”

    Conduit didn’t crash the party.. bittorrent did. Wanna know why the apps are so great? Because Bittorrent bought the uttorent name and client from it’s creators, and then turned their own client, bittorrent, into a clone of it. From there it went downhill, buying their way into a decent, reputable bittorrent client and then smearing and ruining it.

  • V said:

    Conduit engine is nothing but a nasty peace of disguised malware that hijacks your browsers, searches and your computing power, regardless of whether you ‘untick the bloody box’ or not. The only way to actually get rid of it is to wipe the disc and redo the OS because of sneaky, sneaky, hidden and self-replicating files. You don’t want it anywhere near your PC.

    Choose torrent software carefully, most of the mainstream ones will have it installed, whether you want it or not. Trust me, you DON’T want it.

  • Yahab said:

    µtorrent is the best, hands down.

  • Robert said:

    I use 2.2.1 I think its the last version before bitorrent came in

  • Ange said:

    I kept refusing uTorrent’s requests to update (the version I had was working just fine, tyvm) – and one day, it decided to stop asking and just update itself, AND install the Conduit malware. I logged and all of a sudden, every browser’s search/home page had been hijacked, new toolbars installed, uTorrent set to start at login – GRRR.

    After hours of Googling and hair-pulling and trying little tweaks, here’s what finally worked for me (this was also after a system restore that did nothing to help the problem):

    *Ran anti-virus scanner
    *Removed Utorrent, Unibar, Conduit and a weird shopping application using Revo Uninstaller Pro (which also scans for leftover items – it found nearly 20 items that were left over after Conduit was removed, including active registry keys – nice)
    *Scanned system with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (found 6 items)
    *Ran CC Cleaner’s system scan (to pick up temp items)
    *Ran CC Cleaner’s registry scan (again, a whole bunch of keys not removed, including “SocialRibbon”)
    *Went into each browser and made sure the homepage was and removed any other search engines in the preferences.
    *Restarted computer, ran scan with Avira (found 4 more files)

    FINALLY, the nasty bugger is gone. So is uTorrent.

  • Mrs Late Bloomer said:

    As of May 26 2012

    The toolbar still installs when you uncheck the install option box

  • Pini Toren said:

    As of June 16 2012

    The annoying toolbar still installs when you uncheck the install option box

    How annoying!!! And how shameful that this bug “is still hard to find and fix” as I must imagine they keep telling people.

    -1 for uTorrent.

  • p38arover said:

    I’ve installed Vuze a couple of times recently and each time it has installed the Vuze toolbar and Conduit even though I specifically indicated I didn’t want the toolbar (nor any other add-ons). I’ve now successfully, I hope, totally removed both Vuze and Conduit. They won’t be going back. Conduit can be a bitch to remove.

  • Dante's Wrath said:

    Well the story is same, uTorrent upgrading (to 3.2) and the things install but I had even worse experience. In my case, I have Comodo Firewall installed and it started giving a series of almost infinite alerts with BunndleOfferManager.dll (Made by Bundle Inc.) accessing restricted parts of registry. I also had alerts with this dll accessing disallowed CA certificate and other CA certificate registry. Well, I isolated the dll but after upgrading their was a nuisance of Conduit. uTorrent started generating exe’s with random names trying to access memory of all the running programs. If I isolated one temporary exe, it would create another one with another random name and do the same. Although isolating stops it from installing toolbars and other shit, it is still painful to see that the software doesn’t ceases to create new files until you give the access to one of the files.

    uTorrent, seriously annoyed with you x-(

  • lee_terry_jr said:

    I had installed utorrent and removed the box that asked if I wanted the stupid toolbar but it did not work and I found the toolbar still got instilled. I then uninstalled the toolbar from add/remove programs and from my browsers (chrome) extensions. However it would come back whenever I added a new user it automatically installed itself to that users chrome telling me it was still installed. After searching my HDD, my registry, and my AppData folder for a fix with no success (I searched for everything i could think of and delete tbuTor.dll in the uTorrentControl_v2 file allong with a few other things but it still did the same thing), I finally decided to install a program called ‘ZSoft Uninstaller’. I used this program to track the changes on my computer when I created a new user in Chrome and I was able to locate the cause. There was a .CRX file located in the
    directory. I deleted this file and removed any references to this folder from my registry by searching ‘\AppData\Local\CRE’.

    After doing this, the uTorrentControl toolbar was completely removed for good (or at least it stopped installing on new profiles and nothing running in the background of my pc).

    I read above that he said it is self replicating but I have not had any more problems after doing the steps above. Also if you are worried about it coming back with the next update try making new (blank) text file and renaming it to the name of the file(s) you deleted. (Example rename New Text Document.txt to tbuTor.dll) Now move it to the place where the original 1 was and make it a read only file (if you have windows 7 you can also change the permissions of the file so that it can not be altered in any way). If done correctly there should be no way for utorrent to install there garbage on your computer anymore.

  • Joe said:

    Same here.

    Not only it didn’t have an option to not be installed, it put a toolbar on CHROME AND INTERNET EXPLORER, PLUS CHANGED THE START PAGE.

    Couldn’t remove at all, had to kill the process and forcefully delete everything as no option on control panel was available.

    So long utorrent, thanks for all the fish.

    I won’t be reinstalling it ever again, its the first time I had no regrets on giving up software I’ve used for so many years, but this REALLY broke the trust I had on utorrent.

  • Doug said:

    Thanks for the useful article. I updated my utorrent client and it shoved the toolbar on me, breaking several features of Firefox. I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it.

    If you install fresh, it does the same thing. Yes, I clicked the “Decline” button and clicked next and….voila. Toolbar!

    Stupid, stupid utorrent!

  • gslack said:

    Was taken by the install as well… Had to jump through hoops to get rid of conduit and eventually had to go into the registry and remove the garbage by hand.

    Here’s what I have found after a bit of experimenting…

    1. The Utorrent installer uses 2nd (or third) party installers to add the “so-called new features”. Conduit and the toolbar are installed by their own respective installers from within the Utorrent installer.

    2. This can cause problems and botched installs for certain users. Users with exceptionally fast processors, memory, and high system specs, can end up with botched installs. Also, the UAC, firewall settings, and advanced permissions settings in a given users pc can have an adverse effect on the install process. How much a problem and what features cause this are as of yet unclear. Could be a setting in the security and permissions added to an exceptionally fast system, cause it. Can’t be sure exactly, but the fact remains too many users express either they select not to install the added features and it installs anyway, or they don’t get the option in an install or upgrade process, to say its all their inattentiveness.

    3. This added conduit software is classified as malware and a browser hijacker by most major PC security vendors, and the fact it does not uninstall directly proves this fact. An honest piece of software with no malice intended would uninstall with at least as little fuss as it installed. If not they should take steps to allow users to fix this as easily as possible. Which they do neither of..

    Fact is bitorrent/utorrent proliferate malware, and no matter how benign they claim their intent, it is as hard to remove as many trojans, hacks, viruses or other malware.

  • bed bugs must die said:

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    keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. Many thanks

  • rebecca olesen said:

    When I upgraded my utorrent, it ‘claimed’ to give me the option of downloading the toolbar (like all program downloads with 3rd party installations you don’t want – often trick people by including a line in bright red ‘must accept terms of service to complete download’ or some such crap RIGHT NEXT TO the buttons on whether or not you want to accept their 3rd party program – A TRICK because the statement is not related to the 3rd party download, but to the terms of service you already agreed to before you made it to that ‘optional’ toolbar.

    However, i am aware of all the tricks and NO QUESTION I did NOT accept and do NOT EVER accept toolbars – BUT I GOT IT ANYWAY.

    Some updates have not even presented ‘A CHOICE’ the crap just gets installed without my permission.

    Anybody who says it’s EASY or that you have a choice is either stupid or a liar.

  • rebecca olesen said:

    OH YEAH and my god, could they have chosen a sleazier more disgusting fraudulent parasitic CPU sucking piece of crap company for their toolbar ‘sponsor’ than CONDUIT? I MIGHT consider a utorrent toolbar if it was published by anybody else on earth. A banker/businessman from Nigeria, for example, might be more honest.

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    Rebecca, I hear you and agree completely. I wonder if the uTorrent folks see the irony here — they claim to be in need of money, so they’re trying to pawn this slop off on their users. Meanwhile, uTorrnet knowingly develops and distributes a piece of software that is routinely used to steal copyrighted material, thus depriving companies/artists of cash.

    Odd, no?

  • Josh M said:

    The latest version of utorrent (3.3 build 29625) now attempts to force THREE crapwares onto the unsuspecting user during the installation process:

    In order of appearance:
    1) Some free music (Kaskade)offered for you to ‘check out’
    2) Conduit toolbar
    3) CHINESE PC optimizer software

    Sorry utorrent, but that is a scummy way to do your business. I don’t buy the ‘we need money to pay engineering salaries’ nonsense. In fact, utorrent as a bitorrent client is quite feature complete and as a mature project, requires only the occasional bug fix.

    I think you just want more money into your own pockets, and to pay those managers, marketers within your company hierarchy. In fact, the very existence of utorrent plus is a marketing decision, and it is nothing but bloatware.

    Shame on you, utorrent.

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    I’ve gotta tell ya — I can’t believe uTorrent is still pulling this garbage. Thank goodness for qBittorrent, which provides all the functionality and none of the nonsense.

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  • yepimanovice said:

    I recently downloaded Vuze, and got stuck with the toolbar as well. I think I’ve removed it from my browsers, but I can’t get it deleted from my hard drive through Add/Remove Programs. Each time I get the following error message:
    “Error 1316. A Network Error occurred while attempting to read from the file C:\WINDOWS\Installer\vuzeToolbar.msi”

    Then, the progress bar on the uninstall backtracks, and the uninstall window disappears. Has anyone had a similar experience with this? Found any work arounds to get rid of this pest?


  • TrickyInstallers said:

    Why you really get the adware despite unchecking.

    They have changed the installer several times, and I have managed to not get any crapware through each version. Here is the trick, more insidious then it seams.

    The checkbox is for one of many adwares attached, the toolbar is actually disguised as the “agree to terms” page that all software has. Everybody insta clicks agree due to habit. The first time they ALMOST got me, but it looked slightly odd and I paused just before clicking and read the last few lines.

    The toolbar is NOT part of the checkboxes, go through the install slow and dont click till you read EACH screen, you will notice that the “I agree” button is not for utorrent but for the toolbar.

    I always uncheck every box AND click “disagree”. It seems like it will end install, but actually it finishes the install of utorrent, but no toolbars etc. I hate crapware and am OCD about cleans installs, program files, scans etc. So I tend to distrust each step of any freeware installer.

    Very underhanded, would fool all (even us die hard distrustful users) but those lucky enough to pause at the last second.

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