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Beebe alderman caught swiping campaign signs

By: 2 November 2010 19 Comments

Beebe Alderman Les Cossey was arrested and charged with theft of property last night after he was allegedly caught stealing signs put up by his opponent, Jonathan “Jon” Gordon.

Corporal Steve Hernandez of the White County Sheriff’s office confirmed that the Beebe Police Department picked Cossey up for the crime. He was charged with theft of property — a misdemeanor — and was released after posting a $1,000 bond, Herndandez said. Cossey’s court date is Dec. 9.

He added the White County Sheriff’s office was asked by Beebe Police Chief Wayne Ballew to handle the charges because Cossey is a sitting alderman. That makes sense — wouldn’t want the city prosecuting one of its elected officials.

Cossey’s story is a bit unique. While it’s not uncommon for campaign signs to go missing, it’s usually mischief-making kids or enthusiastic supporters (click here for an example) who are to blame. But a candidate swiping an opponent’s signs? That’s unusual.

By the way, we got our mitts on this story due to a tip that was emailed to So, thanks to the tipster!

UPDATE: The elections are over and Cossey won.

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  • Beebe Resident said:

    Can I email this Ethan person about all the crap that Jon Gordon and company have done during this campaign? They have gone as far as putting a picture of the chief of police’s house on an internet website where criminals have posted that “the Beebe Police Department” don’t deserve to live. I have also seen people from Jon Gordon’s camp snatching a few signs myself. Guess I should have called the cops when I saw this. This entire campaign is a bunch of crap and has gotten so out of hand it’s disgusting. I have voted for Mr. Cossey and will stand behind my vote 110% because of the ridiculousness that has come from Jon Gordon and his friends. Every bit of information that was in that mailer from Mr. Cossey is 100% true. Deny it all you want Jon Gordon, I have heard you say things about city officials and have seen that website.

  • Ethan C. Nobles (author) said:

    Beebe Resident — you can mail me (Ethan) anything you want. If it’s news, I’ll work to confirm it and post it. This site thrives off of tips, after all, and we welcome them.

    By the way, the very reason we’ve got an unmoderated comment section is that so people like you are welcome to come in and tell the “other side” of the story.


    Dear Beebe Resident…if the things you are saying about jon gordon are true where is your proof?? Anyone can write stuff about people on the internet. I mean look at what you just wrote. Jon Gordon has said nothing negative about Les Cossey throughout this election. FACT LES COSSEY WAS ARRESTED FOR STEALIBNG HIS OPPONET JON GORDON’S SIGNS. Good thing you voted for him. Looks like he will need all the votes he can get. Thanks for putting this out there Ethan!!!!! People deserve to know the truth.

  • Beebe Resident said:

    the proof is the picture that was put online, by his friends, the signs that were stolen out of my yard, by his friends. I said “Jon Gordon && company” can you not read? If he was this great stand up guy that you all claim he is, he would have put a stop to his friends bashing city officials online, putting pictures of the homes that their families live in, ONLINE, and he did nothing. You can look at all of their facebooks and see them all laughing hysterically about all of this. Fact of the matter is, maybe not him himself, but people out of his camp, that were with him during the homecoming parade, have done the exact same crap and worse to Mr. Cossey, the mayor, and the chiefs families. I wouldn’t want someone running their mouth trying to campaign for me if they are going to go about it the way that the three women on topix went about it. He could have easily asked them to stop and not do any of that, yet he didn’t. Mr. Cossey could have pressed charges on the people stealing his signs, the chief could have and probably should have pressed charges on the person who put the picture of his home on the internet, and they didn’t. You people are so quick to judge, yet when something goes wrong, when there are tornadoes, when someone comes and vandalizes your property, when someone has drugs around your children, who are you going to call and complain to first? The chief and the mayor. You all need to take a real good look in the mirror before you jump and judge people that you don’t know on a personal level. Myself included, because I have judged Jon Gordon by the actions of his friends, and for that, I apologize. But I do not take back any statement I have said now, or ever about any of this election crap.


    Thanks for the repeat CHRISTY we already read this today on facebook!!!!!

  • Beebe Resident said:

    I’m not a female, nor do I have any idea who Christy is.

  • another beebe resident said:

    So that theif won! This is not a joke. Les Cossey won. Something has to be done. I’m wondering about the charges as well. Just a misdemenor? Was he not interfering with an election as well? This isn’t a felony? Cannot believe the results. I don’t think people found out about this before voting.

  • Jamie Smith said:

    I will be interested in this story as well, even though I live on the other side of the state. We just had two people on this side of the state have their candidacy invalidated days before the election because of various charges…some from years ago. Could a misdemeanor like this force this man out of office? Again, I don’t live there so I’m not hoping for either direction. But it will be interesting to see what the law says.


    Yes i agree with you another beebe resident. How can he possibly get away with this. The story didnt break soon enough. Please call 882-6295. It’s city hall. We have to get this thief out of office!!!!

  • You are an Idiot said:

    Beebe resident please send me both the link of the website that posts the police officers house as well as proof from the web host that the site was created by Gorden. Also I will need pictures of the people stealing the signs and than also I’ll need to see their voting history to show that they are supporters of Gorden. Other wise you hold no credability what so ever. In fact by making all of this up you are no better than that theif Cossey. But that is no surpise that cossey’s supports need to lie and make up stories about his opponant in order to make cossey look good.

  • wow .. from topix said:

    Jennifer Gill posted the picture, everyone knows that, and Beverly Pannel has run her yap on that website so much it makes me sick to my stomach. Jennifer Gill was in Gordons truck during the parade, and Beverly Pannel has a big ass Gordon sign in her yard.

    I wish I knew who took the Les Cossey signs out of my yard. YES I said SIGNS, because it happened more than once. It’s unfortunate that you’re idiotic asses weren’t caught doing it, because I would have loved to call the news and radio stations and have my voice heard when stuff came up missing out of my yard.

    The story didn’t break fast enough? Who the hell cares, he won. Obviously people don’t give a damn about your 4 signs. GET OVER IT!!! Have a great life!!! Try again next election, maybe then all of this bullshit will be dead and gone! One can only hope.

  • Wow said:

    Ok so obviously signs went missing…both sides. But if you drive around Beebe you will notice that its 10 to 1. The problem is that there was one person caught stealing signs and it was the man running with his signs all over, while his other competition gives up on their signs, you dont do that kind of thing when you are running. He won because of early voting, the polls last night were pretty close. I would not have voted for him if I had known about this…along with some other people I have talked to. Its all about the little circle they have built, heck the mayor supported his campaign. If a new guy came in, things would have to change. However it should not matter who voted for who…its about what is right, and what he did is not right! I called up there and was told a misdemeanor cant get him out of office, you have got to be kidding me! Lets just have prisoners run the country heck thats the road we are headed down anyways!

  • Wow said:

    and might I say..I know him on a personal level and I thought he was better than that…

  • another beebe resident said:

    And you know Jennifer Gill posted the pics how? Did she say it was her that did it? Heck no!! You have absolutely ZERO proof because if you did, you would have shown it already! Anyone can go onto that website, type in whatever screen name they want and say whatever they want. I could go on there and say I was the King of the World and it would let me but I’m not… darn… And so what if Jennifer Gill rode in their float during homecoming?? What does that prove? That she is a friend??!! Good investigating on your part. And so what about the sign in Beverly Pannell’s yard! The chief had one in his yard, the mayor had a huge banner out in front of his building, and a sign was in the mayor’s dad’s yard in which the mayor lives next door to. Regarding your signs… if you looked closely, it was probably Les taking his own signs down only so he could say his signs were stolen too but I don’t know that for a fact. I do know FOR A FACT that no one that is a friend of Jon Gordon’s took any signs belonging to Les Cossey. During which some of his signs came up missing in Windwood, all of Jon’s friends and family were accounted for. They were all in the same place and were seen in public so go back to the drawing board and try again. But again, where is your proof? Oh, wait… It’s because you do not have any!

    No, the news did not get out in time. Most people do not get to watch tv at work or surf the internet or listen to the radio. I do believe that if all of the voters for Les Cossey were allowed to re-cast their votes, the results would be different. Les still may have one but at least everyone would have been informed of what happened and based their vote after given ALL the facts.

  • Interested said:

    This is quite a subject! No matter the situation, you dont take the blame for things other people do. Therefore, if Cossey signs were taken who knows where they went? Theres no proof of anything except he got caught doing something with competition signs. You are responsible for your actions, Cossey is going to have to think of something to make peace.

    Beebe Resident says:
    If he was this great stand up guy that you all claim he is, he would have put a stop to his friends bashing city officials online, putting pictures of the homes that their families live in, ONLINE, and he did nothing.

    Yet, Cossey is not stopping you? You are doing the same thing…

  • Andrea Lee Pope said:

    I’m tired of all this political crap! LES COSSEY IS A CRIMINAL, HE WAS ARRESTED. In my book, that’s a criminal. I’m confused on how ANYONE can say Jon has ANYTHING to do with that website. Every post is anonymous because no one has the guts to put their name. Jon has nothing to do with that website and funny enough found out about it from the Cheif himself. Oh and by the way, my JON GORDON signs were missing from my yard and replaced with a Les Cossey sign on the very same road that Les lives and was CAUGHT stealing from. Please explain this to me?? Jon Gordon has done nothing to Les Cossey even after the letter sent to Beebe residents about him and the article in the newspaper both posted by Les Cossey. If you want this kind of man in office, what does that say about you? LES IS A CROOK!AND THAT IS THE ONLY TRUTH HERE. OH, Renee didn’t call a certain police department, she called 911 and they directed her to Beebe and they called county to deal with. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. I’m really disappointed in Beebe people now, how could you let this man in office. PATHETIC.

  • techhead said:

    information only….

    what you do, Go to a web page, create an account, use an email address (fake email and even fake name) verify the account, post comments…….. what really happens
    Every forum or blog site has an administrator that monitors that web page to edit it when needed. When you create an account and use an email address fake or not your computer has what they call and IP address given by your service provider, deeper than that your computers hardware has a MAC address that is specific for that network interface card on THAT computer and ONLY that computer. No matter if you use a fake email address or name whomever logged onto the website and uploaded a picture needs to understand it can be traced. The site administrator or whoever owns that website prob has software that records IP addresses and such. There is more to it than that however those that understand what I am talking about will know.

    have a great day!!!

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