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Stephenie Meyer Can’t Let Go: Second Short Life of Bree Tanner

By: 17 June 2010 One Comment

The Stephenie Meyer juggernaut continues, with a new book released just three weeks before the movie Eclipse hits theaters June 30.

The author of the angsty teenage vampire series Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse,and Breaking Dawn– about Edward the sparkling vampire and Bella, his human teen ladylove – has made a 178-page novella out of a minor vampire in the Volturi showdown in Eclipse.

Bree Tanner is a fledgling vampire, made by the Cullens’ nemesis, Victoria. Edward, Carlisle, Rosalie, Esme, Emmett, Alice and Jasper did in Victoria’s mate, James, in the ballet studio in Arizona at the end of Twilight.

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Bree – and the other fledglings in Victoria’s army of revenge against the Cullens – live without guidance, moving from abandoned house to foreclosed castle. They must keep moving because the fledglings ultimately fight each other, ripping off arms, burning down homes and being careless with their immortal powers.

Bree does not like her peripatetic vampiric existence, which is little better than her short human life of being a runaway who escaped abuse at home only to find more on the streets.

Though she trains to fight, Bree tries to make herself invisible to survive, drawing little attention of the more violent fledglings drunk with their own power and too much human blood.

Bree throws herself on the mercy of the Cullens after they defeat the fledgling army. Carlisle is prepared to show Bree the mercy she wants, but will the Volturi let him?

The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner gives insight from the perspective of someone fighting the Cullens. Bree thinks the Cullens are weak and have grown soft, something she quickly realizes was a lie.

I was at Borders at Pinnacle Hills Promenade in Rogers, Ark., on June 5, the weekend The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner was released. It’s an easy read I finished in a few hours poolside.

The novella is full of adventure and detail, with sharp writing and clear description that clearly belies Meyer’s passion for her characters.

Cleverly, $1 from each purchase of Bree Tanner will be donated to the American Red Cross. Yes, a book about blood suckers is helping raise money for a charity known for blood drives, disaster response and relief.

Bree Tanner was a good read but paled to me in comparison to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

If Meyer can’t let her characters go and wants to write one more book, I really wish she would finish and publish Midnight Sun, which is Twilight retold entirely from Edward’s perspective.

Meyer posted a 265-page, unedited draft of Midnight Sun on her blog in August 2008, after a draft was leaked and posted elsewhere. Bella and Edward were not together all the time, and he does things, sees things and is involved in things that Bella never knew about. Edward’s thoughts, feelings and life are more deeply told in Midnight Sun than in Twilight.

Maybe once Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are finished filming, Meyer will be inspired to get back to Midnight Sun and sell more books and movie rights.

I’m rooting for it.

Twilight Saga actor Robert Pattinson, left, and article author Lana F. Flowers' husband, Jesse Flowers, right.

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