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Respectful, fitting treatment of a tale that started 30 years ago

Back in 1984 Tim Stryker released Fazuul, a multi-user adventure game that made its way to several bulletin board systems (BBS) when the notion of dialing up another computer and interacting with other users online was somewhat novel.
A BBS, for those who are unfamiliar, was essentially a computer that hosted messages, files and “door games” such as Fazuul. Those old door games had quite a number of fans. Jes Simon, author of Beautiful Zurt, was clearly a fan of Fazuul — her book is based on the old text adventure. …

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MLK Day observed in Benton

As anyone with a calendar and/or a television set knows, Jan. 20 was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day throughout the nation. Former U.S. Pres. Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law as a way to commemorate the civil rights leader, but the holiday wasn’t officially observed by all 50 states in the nation until 2000. It is, then a fairly new holiday in the U.S.
While King’s birthday was Jan. 15, the holiday falls on the the third Monday every January. MLK Day has taken some time to catch on …

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Ready to play online roulette? Give this site a try

So you’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas and show those alleged pro gamers a thing or two, right? You can gamble with the best of them and are confident you’ll be successful. But, there is a problem — in this economy, trips anywhere can be a bit too much to bear, so what’s the solution?
How about some online gaming, pilgrim? Yes, you can show off your skills right from the safety and convenience of your very own living room and that is cheaper than an outright trip somewhere, …

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Hyperkin announces Dec. 10 release date for Retron 5

At last, the folks at Hyperkin have broken their silence by announcing the Retron 5 will be released on Dec. 10 in the U.S. and Europe. We at First Arkansas News have waxed poetic about the Retron 5 since first learning of the existence of the game console this spring and did promise to mention when Hyperkin announced an official release date. So, there you have it.
What is the Retron 5? In a nutshell, it will cost $99.99 according to a press release from Hyperkin  and will feature five cartridge …

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Wikipedia Brown: ‘The Case of the Tenacious Trojan’ (conclusion)

Welcome back to the serialized adventures of Wikipedia Brown. Welcome back? Yes, Episodes 1 and 2 are complete and you’ll find them here. We left off last week after the second part of Episode 3, the Case of the Tenacious Trojan, and you’ll find that here. Miss the first part? We’ve got you covered and you’ll find that here.
Please bear in mind that these serialized adventures were originally meant to be heard and not read. However, only the first episode was produced and you’ll find that here. Will more be …

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Tax free weekend coming Saturday and Sunday

It’s time once again for the state of Arkansas to help ease those back to school shopping blues a bit with a tax free weekend.
According to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA), the tax free weekend starts at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday (Aug. 3) and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday. During the weekend, sales tax will not apply to certain School Supplies, School Art Supplies, School Instructional Materials and clothing. To be clear, “tax free” means that no state or local sales or use taxes will be …

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Yes, there is still life in that old netbook

Just a few years ago, netbooks were very common, largely because they are dirt cheap. A netbook, of course, is simply a scaled down laptop and the most common configuration appears to be a 10.1″ screen, a 1.6 GHz, single core Intel Atom processor, 1 gigabyte of RAM and a 160-gigabyte hard drive. Most netbooks came bundled with Microsoft Windows XP (not bad in terms of performance) or Windows 7 Starter.
While new netbooks are still available, they’ve been largely replaced by more powerful ultrabooks and tablets like the Apple iPad …

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Weekend OTR: Adventures of Sam Spade

Another weekend? Why that must mean it’s time for another installment in our Weekend OTR series.
What’s on tap for this journey into the glorious world of the Golden Age of Radio? It’s time to stop in and see what hardboiled detective Sam Spade is up to, folks, to get ready.
Before you listen to this week’s program that, why not take a minute or two and visit the good folks at OTRCat.com? You’ll find a huge selection of old time radio programs over there and prices that are hard to beat. …

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Do Christians really need anything but the four Gospels?

When the ship is sinking, get rid of all the dead weight.
This is written for my Christian friends. My non-Christian friends stopped reading at the word Christian. That’s OK. This isn’t written for them. This is for my Christian friends who, after reading this, will brand me a heretic. But I’m not. I simply ask my Christian friends to read and ponder what I’m saying and ask if it is true. What I write is true, you just won’t like the implications of it, because you’ve never heard this before …

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Arkansas metro home sales up in June

The City Wire in Fort Smith has posted its June Arkansas Homes Sales Report for four metro areas in Arkansas and sales numbers continued to climb during that month.
The report covers the four largest metros in Arkansas — central Arkansas, the Fort Smith area, the Jonesboro area and northwest Arkansas. Except for the Fort Smith area, all metros reported gains in sales for June. Furthermore, sales for the six months of 2013 were up 9.57 percent compared to the first half of 2012. Average sales prices in those areas stood …

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The lifestyle for teaching

Quality leadership is a necessity for every organization and also for an organism like the church. If the church is going to function as God intends it to, we will have to emphasize developing leaders. The book of Titus tells us how to go about that task. A quick reading of Titus shows that character not skills determines the quality of church leadership.
According to Titus 1, the Christian leader is called to be above reproach which does not mean perfect but rather making progress, admitting to failure, and repenting.
Titus 1:7-9 …